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Hemorrhoidectomy Ligasure

ummmm i not even sure whats going on here. (no sound)


by icup23

submitted April 30th 2006

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WTF? indeed
12 years ago
would someone care to elaborate?
12 years ago
um DUH... its a Hemorrhoidectomy Ligasure!... HELLO!..... gosh Pennywise
12 years ago

Whell seems that ligasure is a tool and whel in this video it's used to remove hemorroides ....
Other than that my ass hurts as hell only watching that
12 years ago
Hemorrhoidectomy is surgery to remove hemorrhoids.
The LigaSure™ vessel sealing system is a unique energy-based ligation method.

At least this is what google told me...
12 years ago
Mother Fucker, that hurt just looking at it, i guess that broke back mountain cowboy won't be taking any buckeroo cock in his ass anytime soon. Do you think there may still be a hamster in there from the last time he got feltched?
12 years ago
looks like it's already rotten...eiw!
12 years ago
there is 2 move videos i don't know if yak is going to post them!!!!
12 years ago
just building a new pet door for his hamster
12 years ago
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