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Dick Mic

I've seen interviewers that are cocks.. but this is a little ridiculous.


by yak

submitted April 28th 2006

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Suprised she did'nt swallow it the dirty bitch.
12 years ago
What an original idea! Ozzy seemed to like it though. I think things have to just that simple to penetrate his fog.
12 years ago
Gives new meaning to "Get that mic out of my face!"
12 years ago
pretty funny.... COUGH *phallic!*
12 years ago
hahah nice. Ozzy's reaction is priceless "Well it's a fucking dick!"
12 years ago
more like "this is a little re-Dick-ulous". i know yak had a litle too much class to say it but somebody had to. i laughed a little.
12 years ago
That reminds me of the Tom Green skit where he walks around interviewing people on the street with dog shit on the tip of the microphone.

One guy said, "You've got extra-mint on you microphone".

whotta riot.
12 years ago
yeah...um... wow.... Tom Green.... ......................................... ok sure
12 years ago
That's always funny.
12 years ago
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