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The Passion of the Snackbar

Here we have Hani being whipped for a foolish transgression. The dumb fuck was facing west, when he shoulda been facing the east south-east, during prayer.


by Dick_Richards

submitted June 4th 2013

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Hani was also wearing flip flops and a Cyndi Lauper t-shirt.
5 years ago
well the silly bastard should have had a compass on him.
5 years ago
What a crybaby
5 years ago
how do you know why he was being whipped?
5 years ago
maybe he just farted
5 years ago
maybe he ventured into here, made an account, gloated that he was an "anarchist muslim", was caught by his parents, they turned him into the authorities, he was whipped, flogged, waterborded then publicly killed.
5 years ago
In Islamic law, farting by men is considered a type of endearment. Like a man will approach another man and instead of shaking hands or hugging, he'll fart uproariously (and maybe even shit his pants), and they'll inhale and bond. On the contrary, it is against Sharia Law for any woman to fart or defecate.
5 years ago
Maybe he drew a picture of Muhammad. Wait, nevermind, they'd have killed him for that.
5 years ago
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