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Amazing Skating

Some nice skateboard tricks here.


by Iggins

submitted April 28th 2006

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you should check out some old footage of The Gonz and Natas
12 years ago
Been looking at dipshits fucking up skateboarding for so long that I forgot that some people are actually good at it. That was sweet.
12 years ago
I couldnt do this with Tony Hawk cheats.
12 years ago
I already knew when I saw the picture that it was rodney mullen vs. dae won song. This shit came out in 97. still bad ass
12 years ago
from the pic and the video i'd say its from "secondhand smoke".
it of course is Rodney Mullen.
if you like his skateboarding you should check out the other videos. globe's opinion and almost round three are great.
or some older footage in rubbish heap or the Plan B videos.
http://www.rodneymullen.net/ has them all
12 years ago
that was fucking awsome. when i saw how slow the video was moving i thought id get bored somewhere in the middle. but i watched the whole thing once i saw that he was actualy good. good choice of song too. i bet most pros cant do shit like that.
12 years ago
The guys like 38 now and hes just as badass if not badasser than in this video.
Id do him
12 years ago
rodney mullen, king of tech and inventer of more than half the tricks today. this video came out when I was skating, and back then, skating was considered dumb, it's not popular and trendy like how it is today, we were outcasts, rebels, skating and fucking up private property getting chased by security guards. those were the days, spending 6 hours trying to land a trick, and when you finally get it, the world was yours. i still remember landing my first nollie hardflip. it was up on a bank under a bridge, almost 10 years ago. those were the days of my life.
12 years ago
Man, that was some true art.
12 years ago
Never knew it could be an art like ^he said, and they happened to play the only good aerosmith song, too.
12 years ago
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