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More Fag Hating

Same group (Westboro Baptist Church) as that ugly woman from the other video with Hannity and Colmes.


by trisket666666

submitted April 27th 2006

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For a bunch of supposed ignorant fucks its amazing they knew who John Howard was. Was this really done by them?
12 years ago
^dont think so, for all we know cartoons are for satanists or atheists according to them.
12 years ago
well to bad there is no hell cause its a bunch of bull shit
12 years ago
...boring and pointless
12 years ago
and where were the strings on satan and god making him dance around
12 years ago
Funny as shit. My Mom thinks it's fake though, because Jerry Fallwell was one of the Ignorant Fucks who said that the attack on the towers was Gods' punishment. I wish that more dumbass extremist groups had a sense of humor, at least then we could laugh at their funny cartoons.
12 years ago
best part was Rosie O'Donnel the Hutt. but it wasn't that good.
12 years ago
Pretty funny, I thought. Amazing that whoever did it was the only one apparently that didnt fall for bush's bullshit about Iraq being linked because there was no Saddam.
12 years ago
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