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card skills 2

How the fuck...


by rucifee

submitted April 26th 2006

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not bad. would like to learn how to do that so i could impress someone at a party :P
12 years ago
what is that like 15 frames per sec?
12 years ago
looks like they stop it..unfortunately.. cause that would be cool to learn..seems to be that same queen most of the time
12 years ago
12 years ago
fake ..
12 years ago
big deal, gambit was able to do this when he was only 3 years old..
12 years ago
^ yea hdude gambit owned. but then again, this kid doesnt have telekinetic powers. but mabey he can use a staff pretty well.
12 years ago
How much ya wanna bet that guy is REALLY ugly underneath that mask.
12 years ago
That mask looks like the one from V for Vendetta - which is an awsome movie!

haha Smatchy, if you can stop life for a fraction of a second to change the frame, I'd be more than impressed. If he didn't do that..I've got no clue on this one...wow..
12 years ago
Watching in slowmo It clearlly looks like after he makes a card appear he throws it off the side of the screen leading me to believe he just edited the video.
12 years ago
Another sweet trick from MadV.

12 years ago
thanks for the link caliber, know i definitely know this guys edits the video, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB_AMViDEfs
when he supposedly makes the bal float in front of his face you can see the lighter edges of the ball + it stays the same shape + when he eventually grabs the ball out of the air you can see that the ball is still visible for a fraction of a second while he's already closed his hand ! DEFINITELY FAKE, i never wanna see anything from him again.
12 years ago
Fucking haters if u go to his site and ACTUALY READ WHAT HE STATES cuz i know someone of you dont know how to read he clearly says that he never said any of his stuff is real he never calls them magic or illusions he says or his videos are simply for entertainment so if you gonna hate hate after you got your facts straight dumb fucks
12 years ago
^whose hating aside from you??
12 years ago
thats pretty good
you can see the card sometimes though
12 years ago
i like the track, anyone know the name of it?
12 years ago
narcotic im just saying that when your editing your 'magic tricks' theyre not really worth watching, specially when its such low quality, like the example i gave.
12 years ago
WTF!!! MadV's just been exposed as a fraudster, saboteur, and an arrogant megalomaniac

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**MadV's Mobile TEL No: 0770 6871858
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4) Deception of realworld family and friends about his diabolical internet activities.


12 years ago
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