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card skills

im sayin wires. what do you think?


by rucifee

submitted April 26th 2006

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nuther good one to do at a party.
12 years ago
im going to kill this one for you guys, i studied to be a magician and learned a lot. This trick was one of the best i had, and the most fun, even when i was by myself. It uses what is known as "invisible" string. Its actually really fine elastic black string(mine was black atleast). You would tape one end of the string behind your ear and use magicians wax(clear sticky wax) on the back of the selected card. You could then drape the card in between your thumb and index finger. I believe the kit is called "UFO" or something like that, you can even throw the card all the way around ur body. If you dont believe me, look into it yourself.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Cancer's spot on...i remember seeing something called "ufo" that advertised being able to do this. In "Things you never knew existed" catalog I believe. That catalog has a lot of fun little items in it... a few of them you'll find particularly interesting if youve ever seen David Blane, the guy is quick with the cards, but his other tricks suck balls.
12 years ago
I think it's that satanism stuff-floating-through-the-air shit that rucifee was talking about. Ergo this video is proof that god exists. :rolleyes:
12 years ago
Well at least they had good music, requiem for a dream soundtrack
12 years ago
so how come no one wore a guy fawkes mask prior to V for Vendetta?
12 years ago

Where can I buy one of those "V" masks?
12 years ago
your lying DinahCancer, next you'll be telling me Santa isnt real

get it here http://www.magic.org/store/product_info.php?products_id=1676
12 years ago
magic was so 1980's.
who the fuck cares anymore.
12 years ago
mabey he has just masted the art of manipulating energy. he has opened his third eye, and is in touch with his chakras to the highest potential. hey it could happen, you ever see that black and white pic of that dude levatating in india? he levitated for like, 24 hours i think it was. he exserted so much energy out of his arm ( i think it wash is right arm) that it stayed stiff in the postion he had it in, the rest of his life.
12 years ago
but that isnt the case here HelloImBiziagh..
12 years ago
yeh, most likely there was dental glue - or whatever that shit is you put on braces connected to his hands and on the card, then pantyhose fibre running back and forth. Other htan that..he's a fucking witch! Burn him!
12 years ago
MadV is awesome! Check out his videos.
12 years ago
12 years ago
no, i wasnt sayin anthing about god. jus a wierd card trick. good one though
12 years ago
joe - hey tom look at this, its magic!
tom- you're gay
12 years ago
dinah thanks for the explanation, but this one is fake... this guy does fake, computer shit... just some info...
12 years ago
everyone knows real magic involves confusion spells and summons.
12 years ago
WTF!!! MadV's just been exposed as a fraudster, saboteur, and an arrogant megalomaniac

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**So the following are Matt Virgo's aka MadV's details if anyone wants to call him to find out what happened to his fake TV deals??? And since he is a devout committed church going Christian, you may also want to ask him where in the bible does it say Christians are allowed to lie and deceive???

**MadV's Mobile TEL No: 0770 6871858
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MadV has at least 1 brother & 1 sister

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(Surviving Grandparents)…..… <names and addresses snipped>

MadV's Fathers' Business Add+Tel
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4) Deception of realworld family and friends about his diabolical internet activities.


12 years ago
5 years ago
5 years ago
And I thought Zeke was bad..
5 years ago
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