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Because we all want to see what the Japanese girls have eaten.


by Theck

submitted April 26th 2006

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i think they do this so they can get some money for college and shit...you know? damn. Some fucking bastard thinks hes got a good idea for a new fetish and he gets some girls dire need of some cash. $200 to throw up in this glass...bam. Little do they know..ill be that bastard one day...oh yes. Ill be the fucking bastard on the street asking girls to throw up in cubs...fuck yea...ill make so much fucking money its going to be sick...
12 years ago
idk it's sorta lame... to have a throw up fetish thing :/

but whatever floats your boat i guess :[

stupid japs T_T
12 years ago
12 years ago
ahh, now i have to watch
12 years ago
yep, sick
12 years ago
once again, this tired old repetitive jap shit.
come on... this is getting so tired and old... why keep posting these?
Same thing different japanese people.
12 years ago
^ Yeah, iloseatlife, because watching a couple of teenagers fight badly is so fresh. Why keep looking?
12 years ago
I dind't get past 5 seconds and it grossed me out..and normally not much disgusts me...damn the Japs!
12 years ago
reminds the time my dog barfed in my face.
12 years ago
^^^you mean when your drunk buddy barfed dog on your face?
12 years ago
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