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118118 does Honda 'tribute'

After the Honda Human Sound Effects Team went home and made themselves a cup of tea, the boys from 118118 (UK phone service) decided to get in on the act. Probably would make more sense if you've seen the TV ads for these 2.


by buntcubble

submitted April 25th 2006

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interesting, but I remember the Honda Human Sound Effects Team using only mouth noises and whatever they could produce with their body, not dropping tacks on a pane of glass...
12 years ago
Not as polished but more entertaining than the Honda version.
12 years ago
that pure crappyness of this entertained me greatly.
12 years ago
i think their sillyness, and the need to use fake mustaches entertained me greatly.
12 years ago
i make these sounds to when i drive my car.
12 years ago
ROFLROFLROFl i love these guys. tehy made fun of the Cog wheel one too. If anyone finds it post that shit up. hilarious.

12 years ago
It was the part with the road cones cutting to one of them on a leash being spanked that cracked me up enough to convince me to post this. Oh how I laughed.
12 years ago
smatchy is that the one where instead of the girl poledancing its one of the guys?
12 years ago
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