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Drunk Chicks Convinced To Flash


Drunk girls... Gotta love em. 18+


by yak

submitted April 25th 2006

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well, the girl on the right was pretty hot, but this was real slow....
12 years ago
Why the fuck did he keep talking, they were ready and he stopped them.
12 years ago
im with wario. firl on the right was cute. the one on the right was a white trash skank. notice how she flashes early in the video. seemed like it was before they asked em to do anything.
12 years ago
12 years ago
12 years ago
1. OMG its tits....what is with it and everyones obsession with tits, its just nipples and fat, fat guys have tits too....sometimes more than two....

2. OMG its a shirt....hmmmm if someone asked me to wave my dick around on camera and in exchange i get a shitty tank top to remind me that i waved my dick around when i sober up....lemme think....ummmm....im gonna say no

i hope in 20 years some kids jerking to to a girls gone wild video and see's their mom....
12 years ago
This guy needs to shut the fuck up, it's obvious his pimp hand aint strong like mine is.
12 years ago
1. juggalos suck ass at fighting, and even in numbers, still get their faggot asses whooped.

2 OMG A FAGGOT, i doubt you have a penis. you MUST be gay to not enjoy looking at some tits every now and then. anyone with a dick and a straight sexuality enjoys tits, so you either dont have a dick, or your a faggot like i said you were.

i hope in twenty years you find a nice man to settle down with, with a big dick who will sodomise you often. just dont run into that crazy christian bitch. her god with breathe fire form his mouth on you.
12 years ago
Juggalo, with that attitude you'll be screwing overweight 40 year old's in no time. pfft you'd pay money just to know somebody WANTED you to wave your dick around on camera.

As for the video, the one on the right WAS hot - yeh agreed. The one on the left wasn't bad if she'd put a little duct tape over her mouth, then some to keep her boobs together haha.
12 years ago
overweight 40 year old men that is
12 years ago
12 years ago
Those girls weren't drunk, they weren't even crying...
12 years ago
Come on yak are you not getting tired of getting all your videos from yourfilehost.com
12 years ago
OOoooooooo fuz callin yak out.... You gonna get yo ass wupped fuz! MetalMarlow TP'd yaks house once and he got fag-fought to the ground! There was squirming and slappin', grabbin and huggin', it was epic! Go get em yak!
12 years ago
They should have gotten down in dirty with eachother, then it would have been worth watching.
12 years ago
the girls were too dumb too listen to him, this is not a worthy fap. sorry guys.
just some dumb bitches listening to a guy talking too much that it was distracting for them. yawn.
12 years ago
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