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Motto Chanto Kiss

just normal Japanese children cartoons


by L0RD_QU3S0

submitted May 21st 2013

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Flaming uterus attack was my favorite on Sailor Moon <3
4 years ago
lets see which muchoers are otakus
4 years ago
Pfft it isn't an obsession

* TheAllMightyToaster shifty eyes *
4 years ago
never cared for sailor moon all that much, the japanese version you could see they got totally naked in the transformation.

On a side note though Hellsing is a pretty bad ass anime
4 years ago
have you seen the teamfourstar Hellsing Abridged series?
4 years ago
haha yeah, all 3 episodes had me rolling with laughter
4 years ago
no octopus cock. - bored
4 years ago
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