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The New Beetle

I'm ashamed of the title, but watch the video its pretty damn weird.


by yak

submitted April 24th 2006

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"Foolish humans, with this robotic Fischer-Price My First Walker I shall be well on my way to taking over the world!"

Honestly, this bug deserves an honourary account here, can't be any worse than us regulars.
12 years ago
is he just trying to get away, or can he see well enough that is he is walking where is on purpose? Cool anyway.
12 years ago
where *he* is
12 years ago
not only can they survive nuclear fallout then can drive better than most women.
12 years ago
Science Fair winner.
12 years ago
ok, I was expecting a VW Beetle commercial, but as it is.... I bet it would be neat to strap that beetle to a controller and let him run one of the Dance Revolution games, see if he can keep up.
12 years ago
OH JESUS! The first stop to beetles taking over the world! Oh and the beetle wouldn't be able to *see* where it was going because they use their antennie for that, lol it's pretty much running blind.

chairman - hahah Fisher-Price got nothin' on the beetler
12 years ago
*step to beetles
12 years ago
...And this benefits mankind how?

People at MIT need to build huge mechs for humans, not bugs. :)
12 years ago
Thats a cockroach not a beetle.
12 years ago
what a waste of human endeavour and ingenuity. Who funds shit like this? Theres little fuckin retarded kids that need wheelchairs and they build one for a bug!
12 years ago
lol at grim....i think that just sold it right there
12 years ago
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