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Stay Dry Training

Somehow, flying like this seems a little 'dangerous'... Kinda cool tho.


by yak

submitted April 24th 2006

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that was kinda cool
12 years ago
Also, those aircraft are dauntless that flew in WW2 if I'm not mistaken. Nice flying.
12 years ago
Gutsy bastards. The smallest wake woulda wiped 'em out! Kudos!!!
12 years ago
i like it...
12 years ago
Nicely done...I think your right Chairman...but they could be the trianing plane "Harvards" they were really good handlers too...
12 years ago
Indeed, very dangerous. I'm sure any of you drivers here appreciate how badly hitting so much as a puddle at high speed can pull your car to the side, the same thing would happen to these except pull them straight under. Gutsy piloting and a lot of skill, kudos to them.
12 years ago
My favourite thing about this video is the kick ass, funky, instrumental version of "I want it that way"
12 years ago
yeah, I think they are T6 Texans otherwise known as Harvards and they are flown by a South African aerobatic team. The running your wheels on water thing isn't that dangerous as long as the water is flat and you are going fast enough. At 180 mph (which is how fast these aircraft are flying) as long as you don't violently push forward on the stick the water will feel as hard as concrete.
12 years ago
They were T-6 Texans. I was the front seater in one of those a while back in a mock dogfight that an old girlfriend bought for me. Great time was had and I managed to refrain from puking until I got back on the ground. I also managed to get shot out of the sky 2 out of 3 times but the last one was just a lucky break.
12 years ago
One of ya sneeze, dammit!
12 years ago
lol pengie
12 years ago
Saw a documentary once where a bunch of crop-dusting pilots used to do the same sort of thing when they were bored. Except they used to do it on narrow canals in shitty little Piper Pawnees.
12 years ago
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