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Get in The Boat

Maybe you shoulda tied the fucking boat a bit better HUH IDIOT?


by yak

submitted April 23rd 2006

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First time he's gotten her wet in over 30 years.
12 years ago
Old people are worthless
12 years ago
Now's his chance to finish her off. Just jump down and hold her under with his legs. She's so fat (and therefor buoyant) that it would be like trying to ride a submerged flutterboard when you were a kid. Foolproof.

And I don't agree, Endo, the elderly can serve many purposes if simply given the proper motivation. A good two foot piece of garden hose usually does the trick for me.
12 years ago
Garden hoses, sure... but.. old people should never be let near a fucking computer..
12 years ago
old people are funny.
12 years ago
The cool thing is that people who say "old people are worthless" are going to die young.
12 years ago
did anyone else notice how well that lady floats?
12 years ago
I tried to get my grandad to play a computer game once when I was about 14. It was so funny cos he didn't understand the concept at all. It was boxing and he watched me play for a bit (to get the idea) and then asked 'so do you decide who wins?' Old people and computers rocks as long as you can video it and put in on the internet so we can all laugh at them going 'ooh look the televisions talking to me...'
12 years ago
uncordinated fat people, so pathetic.
12 years ago
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