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Cheerleader Cellphone Routine

You know its sad when she doesn't even miss a beat while talking on her phone......


by yak

submitted April 23rd 2006

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Why couldn't it have been SHE who fell and almost broke her neck? Maybe this is the same girl, just earlier in the season.

I'd still like to lick her hineyhole, however.
12 years ago
Asian huh? Figures. They'll multi-task anything!
12 years ago
probably the greatest video post ever in the history of the internet. Thank you yak. God, Muhammed, Allah, Buddha, Ron Hubbard, Tom Cruise and Spongebob bless you.
12 years ago
but can she suck a dick, talk on the phone, AND still do her cheerleadin routine?
12 years ago
She had a little trouble with the routine, but I let that slide.
12 years ago
she has found a noteable cause for the use of those last 2 braincells.
12 years ago
No, An|mCe, but she can suck dick and chew bubblegum at the same time. Which -- trust me -- you DO NOT want to experience.
12 years ago
lmfao! ^^
12 years ago
Damn i love cheerleaders ;) .. If she was smart, she'd get blue tooth, but she doesnt seem to smart.
12 years ago
how fucking typical.
12 years ago
I'd make her gag on my cock then cum in her eye.
12 years ago
HAHA i would like to see her try to suck my dick, talk on the phone, and do her routine at the same time. That my friend is premium viewing.
12 years ago
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