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Daft Punk - Short Circuit

For all of you who enjoy electronic music, here's a short clip.

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by yak

submitted April 21st 2006

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I don't understand Daft Punk, they started out ok and then they seemed to decide "hey we don't sound French enough, lets make music that sounds frenchier and frenchier". This started out alright and then before you know it, it sounds like another French synth tune.
12 years ago
I like yak for playing this.. What i find, however, is more weird is Chairman has something to say about this band. I was their in 99 in france when dp was the "thing"
it was awesome. They really were bad ass. They were actually my begginings in all things drugs!

lol... and you alone know this... lol...
12 years ago
only thing i liked about htat clip i watched was the bassline that kicked in halfway through.....thats it....
12 years ago
Is this an actual video for this song?

Anyone know of Interstellar 555? I think this song was in there too.(I thought they didn't have any other videos)
12 years ago
This is from their first album called "homework" with videos such as "around the world" and "da funk" (which are both brilliant). Interstella 555 is from their second album. I dont think this is an official video as I have them all on DVD and frequently check out their website.
I have uploaded their new video called "prime time of your life" hope Yak will post it. Make sure to check it out.
12 years ago
What's so unusual that I say I think they've been a bit hit and miss for me unfortunately.
12 years ago
I agree. Very hit and miss. But all electronica is like that.
12 years ago
this isnt an official video...its a fan film
12 years ago
It's off of discovery not homework.
12 years ago
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