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A Sharks Tale


Not quite the Disney one. 18+


by yak

submitted April 21st 2006

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12 years ago
ha ha, that chick in the laundrymat should of noticed the camera. OMG Fake. oh man japan is wierd again x10 times. dumb. anyway fap fap.
12 years ago
is crap is so lame.....do they like...get off from doin this...cause its so set up its just dumb
12 years ago
I want to see the guy try to shark a girl that's not wearing panties.
Or maybe a reverse sharking where he pulls her dress up all the way up over her head.

This stuff is getting old, they need to change it up.
12 years ago
Yeah, they should give em' wedgies sometimes, just to mix it up.
12 years ago
I like the drive by cumshots the best personally. I Wonder what the penalty in Japan is for doing this type of thing.
12 years ago
looks like yak hit the jap video jackpot today.

love the stealth sneak music in this one.
12 years ago
wow, it's almost like rape, but not quite there! i love sharking!

"It's not quite rape!"
12 years ago
ptm, actually it's not set up at all, it's entirely real. I have a 51 minute version of this very video. And yeah CHO, the full version shoes lips, bush, and a whole lot of ass. They really freak the snot out of some of the girls though. They're bold as fuck too sometimes. Catch em in the elevator and shark em just as the doors open.
12 years ago
12 years ago
Those Asians have some nice asses. I liked the music...very serene and tranquil
12 years ago
I don't understand Y these Japs don't ever wear fucking thongs!!!
12 years ago
Unbelievable that people can be so starved of pussy they have to go pulling girls pants down. Unfunny to say the least. Also I don't understand why the girls just take it! If something like that happened to my g/f she would kick the shit out of them, but these bitches don't say shit. I would love them to try that sharking shit on some kung-fu bitch who would batter them proper. Idiots.
12 years ago
The Japanes are crazy yo!
12 years ago
Yo moody, kinda hard when your underwear are around your ankles, but yeah, these guys get chased down by a quite a few. They're fairly tactical in the sense that they never get girls in running shoes, always in high heels or designer boots. Shoes that you'd kill yourself with or break many bones if ever tried to run in them.
12 years ago
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