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Dayvan Cowboy Music Video

Pretty cool music video with an extreme sports kind of theme... some pretty spectacular shots.

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by yak

submitted April 20th 2006

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the "sky diver" is Joe Kittinger, who jumped from the balloon at an altitude of 102,800 feet for a test for the airforce. He attained a top speed of 714 mph in the thin air.
12 years ago
Yeah if I ever had to go skydiving, I'd do my best to do that one.

Video wasn't to bad. Music was alright but got progressively ordinary.
12 years ago
First man in space and first man to break the sound barrier. Without a spacecraft or plane.
12 years ago
isn't terminal velocity something like 120 mph or something?
12 years ago
Yes but I presume terminal velocity would increase the higher up you were due to a thinner atmosphere.
12 years ago
^ Correct, there was basically no atmosphere when he started the jump, thus nothing to slow him down. He couldn't even tell that he was falling unless he looked back up at the balloon.
12 years ago
Yea but wouldn't the gravitational pull affect that somehow? The farther you are away the less it is, Im no expert but I allways thought that if there was no atmosphere you floated.
12 years ago
are you about 5 years old or something sasquatch?
12 years ago
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