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chi people

Retarded motherfuckers think they can handle the power of chi. They are doing stupid stuff like a full retard. Well, there is a happy end at the end.


by germanguy

submitted May 7th 2013

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dam, just saw that the location is Canada I think that explains everything, I'm sorry.
5 years ago
so Canadians can Hadouken??..wow..
5 years ago
5 years ago
Question is answered now i guess ... http://muchosucko.com/112653/NO-CLUE
5 years ago
this video combined with the link gives enough combined information for hilarity
5 years ago
5 years ago
let the chinese stick to the chi shit..
I hate when westerners thing they're all "spiritual" and shit.
5 years ago
"Oh my god, I started doing this [insert eastern religious, cultural or physical activity here] and it was so spiritual! I could really feel the [spirit essence, energy, mind-body connection, etc] flowing! It was sooooo amazing!"
4 years ago
/Piccolo DODGE!!
5 years ago
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