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insert random black muchoers name here

insert racist coments belw

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by jrob2020

submitted May 3rd 2013

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He's African,.Not like these African Americans in the US..Totally different species..
5 years ago
But American niggers are also of Congoid race. However, they are at least 28% white. This guy is a pure Homo sapiens sapiens.
5 years ago
Ive never seen a black man in blackface before..hes all uppity and shit.
5 years ago
random ?.... only black muchoers is thatdude420
5 years ago
well jawz used to be black but i decided he wasnt worthy
5 years ago
5 years ago
i used to think el-wanko was black
5 years ago
5 years ago
It's so creepy
5 years ago
Sounds like Toaster is up for the african pepsi challenge.
5 years ago
In 1934 F. W. Vint of the Medical Research Laboratory, Kenya, Africa, published the results of a comparative study of Negro and European brains in which he found that the supragranular layer of the Negro cortex was about 15 per cent thinner than the Whites.{12} On the significance of this finding one could quote Dr. George: "Since structure is a guide to general functions in all those activities that have been adequately analyzed, it would seem rash to disregard structure in any consideration of the higher mental functions. In this connection it seems very significant to me that the cells of the infragranular layer have extensive primary connections with the lower brain centers while the connections of the cells of the supragranular layer are largely intracortical. This is powerful evidence of their primary participation in the special functions of the cortex—the organ of civilization." Thus the thickness of the supragranular layers, which increases as one moves up the scale from animals to man, could be said to be another measure of evolutionary development. The supragranular layers in the dog are one-half the thickness of those in the ape, and the thickness of the ape's only three-fourths the thickness in man." In the case of the Negro their relative thinness again suggested his position on the evolutionary scale. Vint went further. He both confirmed a significant simplicity in the convolutional pattern of the Negro and in addition discovered racial differences in the cyto-architecture of the frontal cortex—a paucity of large pyramidal neurons and an excess of small primitive cells in this area.
5 years ago
"insert racist coments belw"
offspring of White + White = White
offspring of nigger + nigger = nigger
offspring of nigger + White = nigger
offspring of White + nigger = nigger
offspring of anything + nigger = nigger
5 years ago
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