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Cork Soakers

Those italian winemakers really are some natural born cork soakers:P


by aSS-InVader

submitted April 17th 2006

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now im not sure...but i know those cork soakers...and i know for a fact that it was 69! Yea, i saw em..
12 years ago
i contradicted myself in that post ^^^^
12 years ago
White folk comedy.. meh...
12 years ago
Like all SNL skits funny for the first minutes then... not so much.
12 years ago
I'm pretty sure I saw something VERY SIMILIAR on SNL with a word that sounds like Cock, but it isn't. Glad too see SNL still isn't funny, dont know why people watch it, only funny things are the SNL Digital Shorts and the old cast(s).
12 years ago
Yea I saw this somewhere else on the net a couple of years ago (I think 03/04) but that was just you tube or somthing, no Idea when it actually aired on SNL
12 years ago
I bet this skit would of been funny, but it had Jimmy Fallon in it. It loses it's funny factor by like 70% or something. :P

Jimmy Fallon sucked. New SNL sux. Not worth TiVO'ing anymore.
12 years ago
this was funny when rex navarette did it. he's phillipino and was talking about catching a rooster in a bag - 'and i am not ashamed to say...we are the best cock sackers in the world!!'
of course with the pinoy accent...

snl really blew it this time :))
12 years ago
They're such jokers, everyone knows the French are the best cork soakers.
12 years ago
Hey Ryoga V go sew a costume you flaming faggot!!!
12 years ago
hmm, mkey, whatever:/ I thought it was damn funny u dickheads^^ LOL
12 years ago
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