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South Park vs Family Guy

What can I say... south park makes fun of family guy. Pretty nice :)


by phaet

submitted April 16th 2006

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Family Guy fucking sucks.
12 years ago
I personally do not find family guy funny. Every joke is practically begun by a "cast" member saying "remeber that time....." or "this sucks worse then when......"
you get my idea
South Park hit the nail on the head on how they showed Family guy.
12 years ago
it's pretty simple. people who are dumb like family guy. people who have an ounce of intelligence will prefer south park.
12 years ago
Family Guy characters look like cartoon Muppets.

that kind of creeps me out.

12 years ago
I watch both and they are both funny as fuck.
12 years ago
They're both great shows and different types of comedy, i like both, ones not better than the other.
12 years ago
Exactly! They're both great and funny. This episode did not offend me. It was pretty funny all the way. I liked the ending of part 2 when they finally showed Mohammed... or did they? :)
12 years ago
Exactly, two different types. South Park definitely has social commentary as its basis whilst my experience of Family Guy is that its simply a story based around a series of short sketches. As a matter of personal taste the sketches of Family Guy usually fall down for me as it seems they are going for extreme wackiness without a central reason for it.

Woah, I should have taken up media studies instead.
12 years ago
are they making fun of them cos they're raping their ratings?
south park is a load of old bollox now, family guy fucking rules.
12 years ago
I love that blank stare at the end.
12 years ago
you're a dumb fuck, red23. just because it's getting better ratings doesn't mean it's a better show.

for fuck's sake, south park is on a cable channel (comedy central), while family guy airs on a basic station, fox. that alone should take out any comparison of ratings.

family guy is an awful show. it's just one irrelevant, meaningless joke after another.
12 years ago
Let me reply with a quote of 4th episode of sezon 10 (cartoon wars part 2)
"I know family guy is just a joke followed by another joke... but I like it anyway". Although it is written by manatees it's still funny!
Southpark is funny too. If you'd seen that episode you'll know they're making fun of comedy central too.
12 years ago
when southpark started... i hated it.... after a few years i started watching it again and i enjoyed it... both shows have their own merits tho... *shrug* :P
i just wish they would bring back futurama.... :P
12 years ago
South Park AND Family Guy are both awesome.... I watch both all the time.. If anyone has a problem with either, you should probably take that stick out of your ass! South Park is funnier now then its ever been, and Family Guy is classic. This episode wasn't supposed to be making fun of Family Guy, they just used it so they could make a point about TV Networks censoring the picture of Muhommed (sp?).... then they go to Fox to convince them to show Muhommed's (sp?) picture because of free speech, etc etc... They made the episode because they tried to make fun of muhommed in their own show, but Comedy Central wouldn't air it, so this is how they got back at them.
12 years ago
South Park..Family Guy..Futurama..they're all great. I think the Simpsons have gone downhill since their new writer, I mean...the last episode they outsourced the Power Plant to India...sure it was kinda funny but they need better ideas. Really...and Yak, I'm glad you agree...we need Futurama back!
12 years ago
stewieX, you lose at making a coherent comment.
12 years ago
stottpie, will you please stfu?? who the fuck are you anyway?!!
you might wanna try using your brain sometime.. "sure i want cheesy poof" <-= hilarious.

and i agree (not with you stottpie, you're a fucking idiot), Futurama rules.
12 years ago
The main idea for this episode is not really to make fun of family guy. But to make fun of themselves (Southpark) but using another outlet for that means (Family Guy). Im sure the writters of Southpark have no beef with family guy but since they have made fun of everything else, it just seemed natural to go for family guy since its a big and popular show.

They really didnt bash family guy all that much. It was quite amusing to see how they portayed family guy, but not offensive.

I love both shows by the way.
12 years ago
Wasn't aware we were gonna have to use the scientific method to decide which shows are funny or not.

Take each show for what it is and if you don't like it, don't watch it.

Even this site, MuchoSucko, is based on tasteless humor that most of the world would object to. And yet if someone likes something like Family Guy, they are ironically accused of something being wrong with them.

Actually, the real answer to the people making these comments is that they are immature.
12 years ago
They already showed Mohammed on South Park. Super Best Friends had Mohammed, Jesus and Moses all fighting together.
12 years ago
anyone here like American Dad too? i think that's a pretty funny show too.
12 years ago
It seems that a lot of people think you're only allowed to like one show. I love both shows.

With that said...I understand that Family Guy's jokes don't always stem from the actualy plot but who the fuck cares? Is there a rule that jokes that have to do with the story are funnier than those that don't? It seems like a trivial reason to dislike something.

12 years ago
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