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Saber Battle: Round One

Best friend(Delta) and I(Umbra) with FX lightsabers. He=3rd degree blackbelt and awsome swordsman. I=nothing. Note the sound of the saber hitting my forehead at the end.


by Umbra

submitted April 16th 2006

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12 years ago
I'm suprised the fx saber didn't break, I thought those things aren't designed to be hit with?
12 years ago
I suddenly have more respect for those fan tributes. Did you steal those neons from a car show?
12 years ago
lol that is like so cool where did u get the sabers? becoz i like so wont 1:p
12 years ago
no make it 2 just incase i break 1:p
12 years ago
12 years ago
the faggotry is strong in this one...
12 years ago
3rd degree blackbelt? Awesome swordsman? Maybe a black belt in ass ninjitsu. I appreciate the honesty of your description 'I=nothing' I couldn't have put it better myself.
12 years ago
That is just fuckin' gay..

12 years ago
This was AWESOME! I'm waiting for the main event:

TP vs NoPP
ScrotumToad vs PantLoad - Get Ready for...

MetalMarlow vs Umbra: The "We're-Both-Fucktards-Whos-"Crews"-Are-Gayer-Than-The-Inside-Of-Liberaces-Mouth"....or something like that.

12 years ago
I didn't mention we were both half wasted.
12 years ago
Not bad but I've had better.
12 years ago
that really sucked, sorry try better next time.
Unless your goal was to make yourself look like a moron.
In that case, great job.
12 years ago
a shocking display of no talent. sorry umbra, you need to be ashamed of yourself...
12 years ago
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