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Throes of Txtacy

The things men will do to pleasure their girlfriends. Hope he doesn’t have a video phone!!!!!


by Maverickprince

submitted April 16th 2006

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i would like to have sexual intercourse with her =P
12 years ago
very much i would yes
12 years ago
I once said I would never want to be a phone. I may rethink that.
12 years ago
ha ha, ytube material, no wonder it sucked. just kidding, most ytube so called adult material is'nt really adult material, just stupid shit that people go on there to be attention whore. lol. anyway fap fap.
12 years ago
12 years ago
uh huh.....so...WHY wasn't he there doing that for her? Meh she was alright, I wish her hair was longer though...
12 years ago
OMG!!! What an irritating voice!!!!
12 years ago
What a bitch.

She looked so happy to being with and suddenly she started to look sad and angry. Sex with her must be like fucking Sybil.
12 years ago
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