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Mr Hitler in England

Mr Hilter and Mr Bimmler


by fries-please

submitted April 27th 2013

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Thats Mr hilter, mr bimler and ron vivventrop...
4 years ago
do you like stateing the obvious then ?
4 years ago
or are you just quoteing
4 years ago
I didn't have to watch the clip to quote that ... shows what a sorry ass I am.
4 years ago
lol so I was playing orcs must die 2 like 5 hours long and then it crashed all work for nothing :(
4 years ago
invalid repost call
4 years ago
and i'll tell you why.......
4 years ago
that sub is over 6 years old .....
mine doesnt have the sill Jap subtitles....
mine is longer version with added gags at the beginning
4 years ago
i was merely refreshing this as a decent sub
4 years ago
not gonna watch
4 years ago
recover password
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