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Super Fast Martialarts Knockout

Someone give that guy a hand...


by yak

submitted April 15th 2006

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gee yak, a bit creative with the comments today huh
12 years ago
yak.... DIE!
12 years ago
i figured you guys would like that ;/
12 years ago
12 years ago
In case you didn't realise moron, this is a competition which means there's rules on what you can and can't do no matter how stupid it seems.

But yeah, don't let facts get in the way of a good argument ok?
12 years ago
Ah yes, we shouldn't be teaching football, or gymnastics. We should have football and basketball and baseball and freaking curling mixed with all the other sports on the planet. Dump everything into one big pile of WTF. that'll make for some variety in our lives!

Welcome to 2006 SnivVille, where brains come with one cell.
12 years ago
hehe, that footage does look old, like disco fever old, nothing like fighting in a Saturday Night Fever reject arena in your bell bottoms..... Staying Alive, Staying Alive....
12 years ago
This is what happens when niggers get to cocky.
12 years ago
Done and done. And I do mean done.
12 years ago
excellent stuff!! how're you finding Ireland so far yak?
12 years ago
@AlexanderOmega - You like the nigger cock.
12 years ago
dont usually see a nigger scared
12 years ago
Good footwork vs. shitty footwork = quick and painless(ful?) KO.

Snivvle: Ya know what? If any of those "MMA" guys you seem to want to blow entered a different kind of competition, they'd get owned by the guys who train to dominate those competitions. Your observation is obvious and utterly insignificant.

And for the millionth time, you're a fucking moron. Do something worthwhile with your lfie and drink a bottle of Drain-O.
12 years ago
Ugh... Drink Drain-O? I remember hearing about a guy who did that. It (not surprisingly) destroyed his stomach and esophagus, and the surgeons had to get creative and connect his small intestines to his throat. To eat, he has to swallow and then use his fingers to guide the food down. So Sniv, I'm not saying rule it out, but definitely consider starting off with Windex or something.
12 years ago
See. Another Case of Martial Arts, where the Black guy cant fight worth a Shit. Only in Boxing are they decent, but all other Martial Arts they suck.

you don't know what the hell your talking about
google seach Ernesto Hoost
12 years ago
he poped that kick out of nowhere...skillz...
12 years ago
Haha I read that comment like...huh, then I realized Snivvle said it...stupid fucking douche.

And wtf is the matter with that guy you can tell he's gonna kick you in the face 5 minutes before the round starts. Just cause he punches you first you forget about his legs? Dumbass!
12 years ago
god DAMN snivvel will you EVER shut your mouth?

That was very impressive though, 2 shots. Nice Yak
12 years ago
cool footage, a little too quick to argue about their skill level.

it doesn't matter what competitions or training you're involved in, a big fucking boot in the head is gonna put you on your arse.

and to snivvle & major, either one of the guys in the clip would have you two down in less. get fucked with your whining.
12 years ago
i apologise to major. i completely mis-read your comment.

i'll get my coat...

12 years ago
This is an excellent example of training methodology that does not allow for evaluation and progression of a style. Whatever these gentlemen train (assumed to be a flavor of karate), it has not prepared them for the realities of hard-contact fighting.


One of the most rudimentary things learned in any worthwhile striking discipline is "head down, hands up." Both of these guys would be destroyed by a moderately proficient boxer, much less someone skilled in a full striking art that is based on hard sparring (muay thai, kyokushin, etc.).
12 years ago
LOL, snivvles back to his smashT comment!

Did you also not notice that mediocrates was refering to both fighters, the black AND the white guy....

So sit down and stick that rat back up your bumhole
12 years ago
hmm i think snivvle needs a dose of reality-
enough said, Q.E.D

And to mediocrates-
Whatever martial art that was, i assumed most damage comes from kicking, and so kicking usually comes from low to high and hits waist level, and whaddya know, thats where their hands were!
12 years ago
I think its also a balance issue, but mostly to anticipate kicks, so hands lower is more logical to counter kicks.
12 years ago
Okay, now I'm convinced that Snivvle is just kidding, trying to make you guys pissed off... So much bullshit from one person, he just CAN'T be serious.
12 years ago
Dude.....if you actually said that shit to me, I wouldn't be able to concentrate, your horrible teeth would probably distract me... So no, sorry, I don't think I would be able to listen.

So sit down and stick that rat back up your bumhole.

Either that or join the MMA, to show those black people that they are nothing compared to you.

PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU TO JOIN THE MMA! I think I would be willing to take an unheathy dosage of 'smashT' in order to see you fight in the MMA.
12 years ago
Let's consider this situation. It appears that both punching and kicking are allowed, but it seems unlikely that any shots below the waist would occur. This means the targets are essentially the body and the waist, which are the same targets in a normal boxing match. It also appears that this competition is not a war of attrition type of event. It is more likely that it is point-based on a per-strike basis and possibly taken to the point of knockout. The implication here is that it is not relevant to wear an opponent down by a large number of mild to moderately damaging strikes compounded over many rounds in the competition.

Furthermore, the assumption that kicks usually come "low to high and hit waist level" is a poor one in general, but it roughly applies here. There is a limited range in the body in which a kick would be prudent: striking too low causes you to hit the hips, which may very well break your foot; striking too high causes you to hit the ribs, which may very well break your foot. The range is typically between the ribs and the hips. Outside of that, the only other target is the head. Given the stance of the individuals, the only reasonable body shot would be a rear leg kick across the body of the target...which is difficult to do without telegraphing it. It's likely that the head is the common target.

Now, consider how decent boxers guard themselves, both body and head. They do not hold their arms low and loose, yet they must guard the same range of the body. They typically have their elbows tucked in and hands near their chin, since that allows them to block both body and head shots. Given that strikes to the body are much less likely to cause a knockout (although it is possible), it is more prudent to be prepared to guard the head.

What this clip really exemplifies is the tradition of chambered stances in many flavors of karate. It is all too common to find karate students learning to perform chambered punches. You've all seen these...when karate students hold their arms at their sides at a 90 degree angle and punch straight forward. It's a great way to get knocked out quickly by someone competent in striking.

I'm not even going to touch the comparison of grappling and/or MMA versus these particular individuals. It's just not all that useful to state the obvious.
12 years ago
Mediocrates, thats a good point you made. However, being a martial artist myself, I would have to state that the head is usually a very low percentage in being targeted for kicks, as those attacks are usually telegraphed, even with a fake or two. However, the first thing I DID notice was there lack of guard. Anyway, for a wide stance with the body turned sideways, a kick with the leading foot, especially a side thrust would not require much in the way of chambering the foot before one kicked. This allows for a quick yet powerful strike, but usually does not have enough momentum to reach face level without being easily stopped. In my experience, it is more reasonable to attack the body with the front leg than a rear leg kick. I personally like to target the area just below the gut, but still above the belt. While you are correct that a body strike rarely causes a knockout, it presents a much larger target that is easier to hit. It also serves as a very good way of weakening an opponent before finishing them off, compared to shots to the head.

Onto the area of guards/stances. This martial art seems to be based on powerful kicks, although there are some punches. Hence, they adapt an almost sideways stance that allow for quick strikes with the front foot, or slower put stronger attacks with the back. This also requires a wide stance, such as seen in the video. The wide stance means that typically either fighter is out of range of the other. When the white guy did attack, the time delay to close the gap allowed the black guy to get his hands up and guarding. On the other hand, boxers have very narrow stances, with more of their body facing frontwards, and a smaller gap between them and their opponent, requiring the tight guard from the arms.

On the tradition of chambered stances: Although it is very true that many karate students learn to perform chambered punches, they also learn to apply the technique behind these punches in more realistic situations. The chambered punch drill is mainly for the students to improve in speed, power, and accuracy of their punch, not to teach them to always have their fist near the hip before attacking. Chambered punching requires the fist to move forward and twist at the end, rather than telegraphing a punch by rearing back and swinging, which is much slower. Obviously boxers can punch without rearing back first, but many people you see in fist fights have no training, and will tend to telegraph what they're doing.

I forgot most of what else I was going to say, but Im also babbling, so I'll stop here.

Btw, which style do you study Medio? you seem quite knowledgable on the topic. I study the shotokan style (think ryu from street fighter, but no fireballs, flying in air, etc.)
12 years ago
First, I'd like to say that I'm a bit surprised at the depth and structure of your response - we may very well be setting a record for mature discourse on this site.

You're right in that a shorter "snappy" kick with the front leg would be a higher percentage shot. It did not appear that their stance allowed for much of a target in that context...and I still have my doubts that wearing down the opponent was meaningful to their particular competition.

I was using boxing as an example for how one protects from the waist-up with the arms, but the same applies to more generic kickboxing. Clearly the black guy was unable to maintain defense on his face, which is even more condemning since he DID raise his guard for the punch.

Now about chambering and punching.....
I fear you have been misled about several matters, as have many people in this area. Developing skill in a particular punching movement requires one to perform that specific movement. The human neurological system is highly specific; whether we "believe" things to be similar does not make them so. Improvement of speed, "power" (which is an inappropriate term for human mechanics, but people use it colloquially), and accuracy happen due to improved patterns of muscle activation (we're not considering any general improvements in fitness level that affect a punch). Those patterns only improve when activity is the same or very very similar. Furthermore, if one is not going to actually USE a particular punch or punching method, why train it at all? Teaching people to avoid the schoolyard haymaker style can be part of training relevant movements. In short, people need to train the movements they plan to use in the fashion in which they will be used.

As for my personal background, I have no formal striking training, per se. I've worked with a few highly skilled associates in various striking disciplines (Kyokushin, American Kenpo, Muay Thai) and learned from their wisdom, so much of what I know is their word and their demonstration/instruction upon me. My formal training is in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I also have an extensive background in physics, mechanics, and physiology, which allows me to analyze pretty much everything involving human movement.
12 years ago
snivvle, stfu and stop being a cock, we've seen your pic and you're a joke here.
12 years ago
WhirledPeas Mediocrates , slow down

You lost Snivvle at "Let's"

12 years ago
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