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Someone give these girls a hand! 18+


by yak

submitted April 15th 2006

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I'll be more then happy to give a hand after you repost this so that it actually works.
12 years ago
So yeah, kinda funny how coincidentaly all the videos saying to give somebody a hand don't work. They also unfortionatly look like they would of been the best ones...nice marketing scheme yak.
12 years ago
Seems to me she doens't need a hand at all.
12 years ago
God bless the lack of censorship.
12 years ago
God this was great...
12 years ago
hahaha gary got juiced in the eye
12 years ago
She looks like Freeza.
12 years ago
Bahahaha "I wanna go to the hospital"

lol @ Snatcher
12 years ago
Everyone on that show is getting really fat now.
12 years ago
why didn't it show the squirt?
12 years ago
cause its a low quality video man, cant see the squirt.

I would want to go get and anti aids shot right quick if I got shot in the eye by a whore.

fuckingmachines.com is where that is from. the guy makes some crazy shit to get chicks off.
12 years ago
Putting a Mechanical Engineering degree to good use.
12 years ago
lmfao!!!! Stern is god!
12 years ago
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