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Hostage Takers Owned.

Someone give these guys a hand.


by yak

submitted April 15th 2006

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Uh yeah, that was even more awsome.
12 years ago
The government is behind all this. You and your fucking Mars conspiracies have drawn attention to us. You know who you are.
12 years ago
Good to see TRUE justice done instead the crap PEZ dispenser "justice" we get out of the courts these days.
12 years ago
ah, the sweet effect of sound effects, asian language and crappy quality camcorders. The thru essence of muchosucko.
12 years ago
that last guy getting shot in the head had nothing to do with the hostage vid, he abused the shooter's son.
12 years ago
yes...that last guy got his justice done on that child molester
12 years ago
i have no idea what just happened in that fucking vid. huh? for all i know the fat guy shot outside the store could have been the clerk
12 years ago
i wonder who he was talkin to on the phone?
12 years ago
lol.. "hey mom! im about to go to jail! bye!"
12 years ago
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