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French Wall Decoration

So many different descriptions for this.... 1) Another reason to hate the French 2) Modern Art 3) OMG CALL PETA 4) FAKE.


by yak

submitted April 14th 2006

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Tre shitty
12 years ago
Fucking French. We should bomb their country. The faggots.
12 years ago
Rabbit should've called 'parlay'.
12 years ago
so he killed the guy and the rabbit with the recoil.... talk about 2 *birds* 1 stone...
12 years ago
this is based on a kids song about a rabbit who was hunting a hunter with a gun. I wouldnt expect a bunch of overweight teenager to really come up with anything better than "lets bomb France" "I fucking hate the French".
12 years ago
So did the french guy shoot the other french guy, and splatter the rabbit on the wall with the recoil from the shotgun?

Also...why where they shooting a shotgun inside a building.
12 years ago
lol, love the last line.
"we should'nt hide the truth from children"
12 years ago
i dont gettit
12 years ago
That was..kind of weird..
12 years ago
wow... art
12 years ago
What is the obsession? I dont know, but here is the song.

12 years ago
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