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Kimono Hunter

Sharking but with a twist.


by yak

submitted April 13th 2006

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Okay, the one in blue was wearing a g-string, that was hawt. I hope she didn't go home and commit seppuku.
12 years ago
It seems normal sharking has gotten too easy, these guys are turning pro.
12 years ago
They need to do something about the camera though.
12 years ago
chingy ching chong choi!
12 years ago
i thought kimono-clad japanese women weren't supposed to wear underwear.. these japs need to be educated on their tradition.
12 years ago
My my, these sharking guys are starting to get fussy with the girls they pick.

lol @ AlexanderOmega, nice attempt, but Japanese people don't even sound like that when they talk, better luck next time.

12 years ago
they need to give these guys a challenge. have them shark a girl in jeans.
12 years ago
ok, AlexanderOmega you're just an idiot, wrong asian race.
12 years ago
12 years ago
wtf indeed. was this all a stupid japanese act? i had no idea what she was thinking after that. i mean look she was looking at the camera as well. FAKE. omg anyway, fap fap.
12 years ago
I believe that would be cultural ignorance, benos21.
12 years ago
Too easy, eh? OK - how about a challenge to the sharks (not that MS has any way of giving feedback, still ...). How about a double sharking - one peek at her panties, then when she's pulled her skirt back down and moved on a bit, it's done again. Same thing for tits. I recently saw something similar - two friends were standing next to each other. First one's top was pulled down then a second or two later the other's top was pulled down. Now try it with the same girl.

BTW, the first one looked fake. My thought was why would a girl dress in a kimono in a park and wait in the middle of the road not near anything at all. The second, though, looked reasonable. She was coming out of a pagoda or temple or something like that where it would be expected that she would dress in a kimono.
12 years ago
First girl is cute, the second is a little to manly.
12 years ago
well, having lived in Japan, I can tell you that you do see girls in Kimonos in the park and stores or whatever on occasion. It is not a daily thing, but you do see it.

And about the underwear thing, you are thinking about guys wearing kilts aren't supose to ware underwear. I think they don't care what you have on under your Kimono
12 years ago
i am tempted to go to Japan wearing a skirt and punch the fuck out of those puny jap cunts when they try taking a peek at my mammoth manhood.
12 years ago
wtf was the twist?
Playing music that makes me want to funnel hydrochloric acid into my ears?
I thought we were gonna see something fucked up, like the twist being sodomization with a tennis raquet.

But, this gave me an idea.
What culture is it that requires woman to cover their faces for a significant period of their life? Well anyway I think the new thing should be to rip off their stupid face scarfs in public. I think it'd be culturally much more hilarious than pulling up dresses.
12 years ago
^^ the idea is funny but the person doing it and the girl would probally both be killed.

meh...kinda boring...I loved how the second girl yelped though hahah
12 years ago
Your thinking of muslims with the burka?
12 years ago
:( I felt sorry for the first one. She looked really dejected.

12 years ago
4hab and omfg...wait so you mean to tell me chingy ching chong choi isn't japaneese?? its not any language you fucking idiots...so shut the fuck up you bitch idot fucking retards. all gooks sound the same you fucking douchbags. ooo sorry for not noticing they were jap gooks rather then chink gooks you stupidass fucking piece of shit gook-lover geeks. all i saw was a rice chink bitch ass you fucking dipshit, as far as i'm concerned they might as well have been niggers.
12 years ago
Hahahahaha! Hmm strange that, I'm pretty sure I said that it didn't sound Japanese, I never stated or implied that it was or wasn't a language.

In addition, as for your insults about their languages, I think you should improve on your own language/literacy skills before you even consider making fun of other languages.

You should be careful, otherwise you might end up tattooing "I'll kill you" on your head and sitting in a flowery chair contemplating about how much hate you have inside.

Meh, I'm guessing you probably didn't even understand what I wrote, so I'll write something simple....

U lose s0n! ™ ®
smashT! ™ ®
u g0t served! ™ ®
Yet another incoherent sentence!

Yeah anyway........sleep now...
12 years ago
I hope someone does that to a woman that knows karate (if it was real)
12 years ago
I hope someone does that. (for real)
12 years ago
omfg you are either an extremely stupud fucking idiot, or delusional. I'm guessing both. When the fuck did I say or imply that chingy ching chong choi sounded japanese? guess what...I didn't you stupid fuck. you yourself must be a gook and an insecure one as well. so basically what i'm trying to say is...get off my jock you slanty eyed rice eater little dick chink fuck...go eat a puppy.
12 years ago
Haha, I guess we must both be an "extremely stupud fucking idiot" since we both assumed something that apparently isn't true, so I don't get where this supposed superiority from you comes from. If I'm a stupid fuck, guess what? So are you, you stupid fuck.

Explain to me how I am an Asian? After all, I'm English, and even if I was an Asian, why am I supposedly insecure?

So you're basically trying to tell me to get off your cock? Well sorry to disappoint you, but that isn't me, I think you should at least know what the guy you're trying to fuck looks like before you stick your wiener in him...

Oh and lastly,(since we are still assuming things) if I am this 'Asian with a little dick' at least I have an excuse, after all, I'm Asian, SO what’s your fucking excuse for having a tiny pecker?

I'm off to eat my puppy now, so cya later you stupid fuck :)
12 years ago
Haha you fucking idiot, it's pretty fucking obvious that you're a fucking gook and lying about being english because you look and feel fucking stupid as hell for getting called out. First of all let me clear up the fact that my pecker is indeed quite large. I didn't asume anything you moron, if you wern't stupid you would of seen the part where I said "I'm guessing", (and it looks like I guessed right) which is completely different then assuming, which is what you did. To answer your question: the reason why you are insecure is due to fact that you are very stupid and do have a small penis. Everybody knows that all english men are homosexuals and asians have small penises....and yes you are an "extremely stupud fucking idiot", I on the other hand am not. Thank you for pointing out that chingy ching chong choi doesn't sound japanese. You forgot to point out the fact that it doesn't sound english, polish or greek either, now didn't you shit for brains? Thank you for making my night, I love it when little mentally inferior fucking idiots try to sound smart and give me the opportunity to make them look and feel like idiots.
12 years ago
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