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During this whole clip I laughed my ass off just imagining if it were pepper spray.. I think i need sleep.


by yak

submitted April 12th 2006

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just to elaborate on the whole bush debate (since it'd never get read now that the video has been relegated to the day old section) people can bitch and moan all they want about the unnecessary war, but what nobody seems to care about is the increasing number of 1984-like impositions on our country that nobody seems to protest. An average of 400 government-controlled public survelliance cameras are installed monthly in New York City alone, and along with the wiretapping and increasing constriction of first amendment rights, the box we live in is shrinking. If we had not been conditioned to such ludicrous things by promises of security and exploitation of fear, we would have rioted the house down. Now we are country hopping and installing regimes led by US-trained peons of democracy. We create problems with countries that escalate into further dispute and ultimately takeover. If you disagree, use the supposed "lying" about weapons of mass destruction. People whine about him lying every single day, but nobody thinks about WHY they would lie.
Simple. Take over a country whose oil supplies generate massive revenue, leave the prices at the plateau while privatising the sudden supply, and move onto the next country, another desert area with alarming military potential and higher capital potential. The news today? Iran has nuclear capabilities....possibly....in a long time. Sound familiar? This will likely boil into a takeover. Or not. I could be another paranoid fucker, but even Sandra Day O Conner (ex-supreme court justice) noted recently that certain freedoms are being castrated, while signs of totalitarianism are bubbling to the surface.
12 years ago
If only the water in that video was septic waste/scolding hot/acidic, then it would be funny.
12 years ago
From NewsOfTheWeird:

Are We Safe? In a two-day period in March, alarming reports revealed that "dirty (radiation) bombs" easily entered the country in car trunks in tests, that one-third of U.S. civilian nuclear research reactors were insufficiently secure, and that concerns were heightened about the 2,000 shoulder-fired missiles said to be unaccounted for in the world's arsenals. On the other hand, the Los Angeles Times reported that the fishing village of Dillingham, Alaska, at least, is secure, now that a $200,000 Homeland Security anti-terrorism grant has paid for 60 "downtown" surveillance cameras (with 20 more to come). Dillingham (pop. 2,400) is about 300 miles from Anchorage, with no roads linking it to anywhere. [USA Today, 3-27-06] [USA Today, 3-26-06] [ABC News, 3-27-06] [Los Angeles Times, 3-28-06]

Global warming is a clear indication that Big Brother will soon take away our freedom to be surprised by a squirt in the face.

12 years ago
I really enjoyed those gardens like Hellbrunn in Salzburg and Lainate even though the positioning of the water jets was pretty obvious i.e. not near the supervisor.

My favourite was in Bilbao when these teenagers were setting these jets off around this little kid behind the museum. Little kid had an idea and simply put his foot on the jet and saturated the teens. An eye for an eye.
12 years ago
Battery acid would of been funnier.
12 years ago
water wets
12 years ago
so funny i forgot to laugh
12 years ago
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