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Shower Monsters

THIS is exactly why I lock the door.


by yak

submitted April 12th 2006

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That's why I lock the door too -- so I don't get caught playing with my shower monster.
12 years ago
That second clip didn't really look like father and son to me..
12 years ago
I liked the first clip. "AHHH! Oh my god! MOM!!!" That girl was funny.
12 years ago
Um, I expected to see monsters.
12 years ago
the family is fucked up!
12 years ago
I love how the guy was trying to cover up his genitals using the kid, as innocent as that may be, it was fucked up in thousand and one levels.
12 years ago
^^ Agreed. A lifetime in therapy now awaits me, after seeing that. His mustache just made it fucking worse too.

Bet the kid ends up murdering virgins 'cause of that.
12 years ago
interesting how that last guy didnt really try to cover him self but instead just kinda stretched nude on camera...infront of his kid
12 years ago
Why not lock the door? Its like those wierdos who take a shit with the door wide open. Totally not cool.
12 years ago
lol at the last one.
12 years ago
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