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American Idol Mandisa Racial Slur

Supposedly after Mandisa was told she was getting the boot on American Idol some girls in the audience yelled some racial slurs, lets see if you and your eagle eyes can spot where FOX cut it out...lol.... Notice the peoples reactions after.


by yak

submitted April 11th 2006

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What, I didnt hear anything. LOL
12 years ago
Was that Mandisa or Mandingo?
12 years ago
"So I call black people nigs, and yet they call me a racist asshole...hmm...fuck it...I'll blame it on the Portugese."
12 years ago
I just thought people looked shocked from her losing and not the other fag.

And let me be the first... aryannation>Snivvle
12 years ago
thats stupid
12 years ago
"blame the Portugese on the other side of the world"

LoL, you mean on the other side of the atlantic ocean!! :P

btw: it would've been funny if you dubbed a longass fart in right before they're all making those sad faces...^^
12 years ago
Haha, I was wondering why it went dead silent like someone had just taken a shit on stage. Not that I was watching it at the time, of course. :P
12 years ago
I didn't hear anything, it cut off that part too well for me. Btw, anyone see a great white whale? thanks
12 years ago
who gives a rats ass...why is this shit on here if it didnt have the whole fucking scene? that would have been real mucho material.
12 years ago
was it a racist joke about the white guy or the black chick?
12 years ago
^hehe, good one! :D

but it must've been about the fat black chick, otherwise they'd have all laughed...!! -.-
12 years ago
Ah, the joys of a live audience...
12 years ago

Actually you can hear it in this clip.... (reposted from the AI imdb board)

Hey guys, I couldn't believe what happened the other night..I just got back today from California (Visiting family while they were on spring break) and we went to the results show because they had been on the waiting list since the beginning of last season. I just realized that some of you figured something was edited. Well I can tell you what happened...there were a group of 3 or 4 girls, by the looks they were white and hispanic teenagers...anyway, when Ryan announced that Mandisa was gone, they jumped up and were throwing their hands up yelling "Bye Bye N___er" and "Go Home N___a"..infact you can hear the last time it was said like some of you have pointed out...it was total shock in that room, guys..those girls were jerked out of that room faster than you could blink, but it had all already been said and had it's affect..needless to say, the mood of the whole place sunk and it never did regain the excitement...we were all left with sick feelings in our stomachs..there were several people that could be seen that had been crying, whether from anger or frustration..it was sad..We Love You Mandisa!

That would explain the awkward pause and shocked faces and Taylor's mid-way clap.
12 years ago
i blame the portugese to.........
12 years ago
aahhhh . . . snivvle big mouth small brain. the question is would you have nuts enough to say that to ones face and not behind a keyboard?? typical racist but then again thats what happens when your parents are brothers (not brothas). points of fact . . . lincoln did not free the slaves intentionally. there would not have been slavery if there was no market (lazy whites). lie to someone thats never been exposed to literally smoke and mirrors and see how much advantage you have from that point on. too bad none of you live in DC.
12 years ago
Why didn't Randy get up and choke those bitches? He acts like a thug on the show, yet in this clip he just sulks in embarassment.
12 years ago
this is exactly why youdont pit two fatasses against each other. the only possible outcome is hurt feelings.
12 years ago
12 years ago
snivvle=pwnt??? Are you serious? It's hardly an accomplishment to refute someone as patently idiotic as snivvle is. When you beat up a retarded kid you don't run around high-fiving your buddies.
12 years ago
^^^ I'm pretty sure you do though. I mean aren't there a few videos posted on this site where that happens?

That black chic needed to go, her ass was bigger than a VW bug.
12 years ago
And that's what truly counts in a singing competition.
12 years ago
cdbsr00 whyy does everyone take nigger as a racial slur lol? It really means lazy stupid person. You should be taking black mother fucker or coon more serious or how about coconut head. You should have never been saved lol. Lazy whites? okay i guess thats why we had to take care of your AIDS having asses for so many years and your people still live in mud huts. Fuck we evolved from cave men and your people are still there trying to fucking hunt gazels with fucking spears. and we have spectacular sky scrapers, cars faster then you can say yo mtv raps, GUNs which when your people found decided they were going to shoot each other. You fuckers should still be in slavery seeing as how the only things you know how to accomplish in life is selling drugs and shooting your brothers for more money. Dont act like basketball and rapping is your shit either doing these things just means your a slave to us still because when it comes down to it there is a rich white guy getting your money you make and we make you run around and play sports for our entertainment, you are lucky that we bred you to be big or youd still be living in some mud fucking hut. So instead of saying lazy whites how about you take your fuckin ass back to africa and save the children.
12 years ago
oh and fuck this advantage bullshit we started off somewhere yoo you fucking coons are just too fucking dumb to do anything with yourself, "i smoke 2 joints in the morning, i smoke 2 joints at night, i smoke 2 joints in the afternoon it makes me feel alright." thats how you spend your day and this is how we spend our day, e=mc2, ahhh how can we better use ethanol for fuel use, what can we improve on for sending people into space farther and longer. How can we abolish AIDs and get these niggers to stop fucking eachother in the ass, geez how can we get these niggers to shut there mouths give them more welfare and some more houses where they barely have to pay anything ( and say what you want those fucking house are new when they are built you make them look they way they do). Oh and another thing what about the jews not only did they start off somewhere there were millions of them killed and they STILL flourished and own huge companies and live good lives, let me guess they had the advantage?? fuck you and shut your fucking mouth i hope alot of black lazy fucking coons read this shit and then realize they are just too fucking stupid to do anything with themselves.
12 years ago
didnt hear shit, but i see snivvle is having his say and talkin more bollucks.
12 years ago
first of all nobody has suffered anything like the way black and africans, jews were compensated heavily for their mistreatment, they were paid wages and were allowed to own businesses. blacks had to work for virtually nothing while crackers sat back and enjoyed the money pouring in from their labour. thats what lazy is kabuki you bullbag
12 years ago
Actually, it is called capitalism liberace and kabuki you are wrong..........they live in huts made of shit..........LOL.............
12 years ago
all you need to know is that slavery is nearly two centuries gone in america, and those coons still use it as an excuse. "the white man is holding us down" fuck that. the white man is bringing your lazy asses up with him. affirmative action, cheap housing, better schooling. we do a fuck of a lot for you, and none of it is appreciated. you didn't start this country, we did, so don't come to our fucking house and tell us what to cook for dinner.
12 years ago
If you want an interesting theory regarding unequal development between different groups, check out "Guns, Germs and Steel". I don't necessarily subscribe myself to the author's hypothesis but he does make some compelling arguments that geography played a major part <from the outset> not now.
12 years ago
^^ lol, liberatethis: first of all thats just another whiny story on how your black race is too fucking stupid and lazy to do anything with yourselves, why do you think they call you niggers??. You have the man power you have had the time and still i see nothing coming from your race. What about all the fuckers that built that stupid underground railroad to canada what did they do with themselves they had the same opportunity as everyone else, still nothing. you cant even compare your stupid whiny stories to what happened to the jews, i cant believe i am actually defending the jews but there were probably 10 left after the holocaust, oh but you were slaves??? fuck that lol. you could have not been slaves you were just too fucking stupid your a stupid race, look at the canadian indians they were never slaves and they had the same shit as you fuckers spears and all and now they own casinos and get millions from our gov't for nothing because they actually have some intellectual capabilities. But the black race....still nothing happening. So fuck your stupid we were slaves bullshit you could have done something about it just like you can do something about your situation now, you are all subconsciencely happy with your situation so live with it and shut your fucking mouths or do something about it. where the hell is the black einstein or steven hawks? where is a black movie producer or scientist? where is your black asses?? they are sitting in your house whining about slavery smoking joints and selling drugs
12 years ago
I cummed all over kabuki and Snivvle's mothers and fathers face. Is there a way to ignore cyber psychos?
12 years ago
Im your dad
12 years ago
first things first kabuki you cockface im not black. you need a history lesson there was over 5 million jews left after the holocaust. and what is spike lee? your dad. if you dont like the blacks then why not fuck off back to europe where you rats originated from. i dont think any race is better than another because im not a reterd that sits around getting pissed off.
12 years ago
^^ rats. tee-hee. I like that one.
12 years ago
There is not much I know about liberatethis, just those few things:
1.he is from some fucked up 3rd world country(or threshold country)
2.he got raped by an white priest as a kid(remeber those "conniptions" u got here when u posted the first times about that subject...)
3.he probably uses an internet cafe, Im pretty sure he cant afford a PC!

and now let me say u something: Yes, you can call us whites "rats" today over the internet! But keep always in mind, that if we "rats" wouldnt have had developed a model of "racial equation" in the last 50 years, and the same chances for everybody in the world, YOU and ur people would still live in our colonies, serving us!!(and guess what, you would like it cuz that would be the only thing u know!) and whipe ur asses barehanded!
If it would not have been for the white race the whole world would (in a best case scenario) be at the beginning of the middle ages by now!!!

and when Im seeing today how you saucy bastards evolved, I really have to ask my self if Hitler wasnt right all along(and Im saying that knowing that my country was also occupied by the Nazis in WW2!).
This whole "liberality" these days is probably what will bring us whites down soon ...:(!!
12 years ago
the most shocked are the white people. the black people are more like "damn crackas"
12 years ago
i actually agree with snivvle. being neither black nor white, i can see things from both sides. it seems like black dudes accuse every white dude of being racist. yeah slavery was a bitch but you shouldnt blame people for things they (not their ancestors) didnt do
12 years ago
<~ is Black. I don’t even think about racist in my day to day life unless it’s directly brought to my doorstep.
I don’t blame the man, I don’t feel oppressed. What happen nearly 500 years ago is just that 500 years ago. However, it’s still an issue to some people because there are still white AND blacks adding to the fire. I’ve already been called Nigger on this board and I don’t pay it any mind. However, if said to my face, I become that ignorant black man you tend to see on the evening news. If there is any wonder why we continue to act as we do today, take this clip as an example. We are still provoked into doing so. do dont get mad if we respond to you in the same way you treat us... like Niggers
12 years ago
el fredo you are spot on about me! wow youre good. take a look at your rat history and you will see real poverty before you started stealing countries and wealth from others.
and as for the nazis, i love them for killing every single person they did and the countries they attacked. go and look at your war memorials and take a piss on the rats graves that died from STOPPING THEIR COUNTRY FROM BECOMING A NAZI 'COLONY'.
you deformed monkey race cunt.
12 years ago
by the way, ive got a lot more money than you and my pc costs alot more than your cheap crap:)! and calling yourself el fredo doesnt make you exotic you trailer trash cunt.
12 years ago
Haha, you said monkey.

RyogaVee, you are a black man? Tell me why a black person(not always) can say n*grr to an other black person but when a white person says it its offensive? And everyone please keep in mind that NOT ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN A CERTAIN RACE IS THE SAME. haha, niglets, isnt that a pokemon? hahahaaha...
12 years ago
so to those offended by my comments, i like whites as much as any other race. just defending those being abused, to piss people off:):):):):):)
12 years ago
this is how we spend our day, e=mc2, ahhh how can we better use ethanol for fuel use

--I'm not a big fan of black people's extensive racism,
but Colombia and Brazil are the forerunners in ethanol fuel, and... they are spanish-indian hispanic and portugese-indian... not white...

12 years ago
Black people dont say NIGGER to each other, we tend to say Nigga. and yes, there are black people offended by that word as well.
its no different with jews. there are certian words you can say to a jew if you are jew, that no one else can say.
I personally dont hear the word "nigga" its just a word. ive even had white people say it around me and no red flags would go off. however, upon hearing the word "Nigger" its like a switch goes off, and i perk up and pay attention.
12 years ago
Wow liberatethis, what an argumentation:P "trailer trash"? lol, Im not american you dumb cunt, dont you get nothing??! You little piece of shit couldn't even afford our gateway!
And wtf is that, first you're calling white people "rats", and then you say "i like whites as much as any other race"<<___you should really take your medicine or swallow some more gas as u do usual chico!

you can lie to yourself as long as you want u little monkey, but the truth about human civilisation and especially modern human civilisation stands in every history book!! :)

now go pick ur 13 year old sister up at the local whorehouse(or however u call it in monkeyland) and STFU! every single one of my words is too valuable to throw it at something like you!

12 years ago
columbia run by white spanish and brazil by white portugese actually. -both white iloseatlife. and how the shit did a silly vid become a ring for race hate? thats why i love this site. more racism more hate please:)
12 years ago
like someone called your name, huh?
12 years ago

this is how we spend our day, e=mc2, ahhh how can we better use ethanol for fuel use

-be educated at least when u come on a site like this n try to sound smart. after buddy hopefull still above me pwned u about the fuel, i decide to become a menber just so i can further prove white..correction racist white people know nothing besides fuckin they sisters and votin for bush.

here is a list of black inventions and the people who invented them.

Electric Lamp

Lewis H. Latimer & Joseph V. Nichols


Lee S. Burridge & Newman R. Marshman


Isaac R. Johnson


Michael C. Harney


William B. Purvis


Philip B. Downing


Fredrick J. Loudin


John Lee Love


Oscar E. Brown


William D. Davis



Solomon Harper


John Stanard

RANGES (Gas Stove)

Thomas A. Carrington


George T. Sampson


Willis Johnson


Thomas W. Stewart


Lloyd P. Ray


George F. Grant


Alice H. Parker


Alfred Benjamin

Gamma Electric Cell

Henry T. Sampson


Thomas J. Martin


Sarah Boone


Joseph Hunter Dickinson


Granville T. Woods


Charles Randolph Beckley


Leonard C. Bailey


Robert F. Flemmings, Jr.


Ralph W. Sanderson


John Albert Burr


Richard B. Spikes


Garrett A. Morgan

EYE PROTECTOR (Safety Goggles)

Powell Johnson


Frederick M. Jones



Joseph N. Jackson


William B. Purvis


Phil Brooks


Dewey S.C. Sanderson


Alexander Miles


Lester A. Lee &

Edward E. Baroody

OIL CUP (Lubricator Cup)

Elijah McCoy

Source of the phrase: ("The Real McCoy")


Royel "FutureMan" Wooten


Samuel R. Scottron


Frederick M. Jones


Vera A. Jarrett (Hott Scizzors)


Osbourn Dorsey


Thomas Elkins



Dr. Patricia E. Bath


Garrett A. Morgan


Charles B. Brooks


William H. Richardson


Jesse Hoagland


John Arthur Johnson


Joseph Edmonds

BRUSH (Hair)

Lyda D. Newman


Walter H. Sammons


WATER GUN (Super Soaker)

Lonnie G. Johnson & Bruce M. D’Andrade


Frank W. Leslie


James A. Bauer


Leander M. Coles


TV Surveillance

Marie Van Brittan Brown &

Albert L. Brown

AIR SHIP ("The Blimp")

John F. Pickering


James Sloan Adams


Paul E. Williams


Peachy Booker


Jan Earnst Matzeliger


Henry Blair


Henry Blair


George Cook

CAR COUPLING (Automatic Train Hitch)

Andrew Jackson Beard


Albert C. Richardson

12 years ago
not closed yet al fredo you chimpanzee. damn right you cant change history books so why not try reading one instead of sharing you pathetic personal opinions? can you lot read in that shit-hole country youre living in? or are you rats to busy raping children?
and tell your mum her pussy stinks, ive had enough of fucking her?

thats how you win an argument:)

now we are
12 years ago
White men Created 98% of inventions in the World
White Women created 1% of all inventiions in the World
Mixed Created 1% of all inventions of the World.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahah.^^^^^^^^^ snivvle with more drivvle.
i can give you all the chemical bio and nuclear weapons because it goes with you blood thirsty nature of killing people and stealing countries.( sorry building colonys.)
12 years ago
use google and you will see Khall is right. i found this link, follow it snivvle you dick you spoke too soon

12 years ago
Holy shit on a cracker you are a stupid douche. George Washington Carver alone invented over...um...a fuckload of shit with just peanuts. From butter to...well he made other stuff too but you should just die.
12 years ago
How come about 90% of the shit that was listed is based around home/personal care items............LoL...................................
12 years ago
White men Created 98% of inventions in the World
White Women created 1% of all inventiions in the World
Mixed Created 1% of all inventions of the World.

the real stats ???

send me a link of a real educated n respected person who can back this claim up. 98% of the inventions in the world. haha does anyone agree with this faggot?

obviously u made that up..or thats what your dad tells u over and over as he analy rapes u while he chokes u with a swastika flag and your mother whores her self out to all the 'niggas' on the block u oviously hate.

u think i made that shit up..google it. if u havent been to school it spelled just like i spelled it. and the info i just posted wasnt dumbass figures, but i got it from www.about.com a very informative site made, owned, maintained, funded, edited, and exists but WHITES.

take your fathers cock out your ass..wipe it off on your sisters lips n do some research.

but ill give u the benefit of the doubt. i cant assume people who were analy abused thier whole life u understand anything outside of their blood/cum stained rooms.

12 years ago
Hey liberatethis, the way Im reading it El_Fredo is from Europe(like me^^). To compare Europe or America with Columbia is the same as comparing Tubgirl's bathroom with the Ritz-Carlton! 2% of the economic output of the european union is more than the gross domestic product of your whole banana republic Columbia!!! =)

btw: How many kilos of cocaine has your mother smuggled by now in her vagina in the US? 10? 20?.... :O)
12 years ago
Dutch_Chopper 100kilos less than your mum oh and your shit team aint gonna win the world cup with horse faces like ruud van nistelrooy
12 years ago
viva la columbia
12 years ago
Yogi.........that was weak........ Busta is acting like a nigger for one reason only.......to make money off of stupid shit heads who subsribe to an ignorant lifestyle..... He is not going to be provoked into anything or revert to anything because him and his white buddy are profiting all the way to the bank..........laughing I'm sure.........Ebony and Ivory living together in perfect harmony......... For someone who claims to be so cultured and open then you contradict yourself by pointing out that you are as ignorant as the dumbfuck niggers, wiggers, and kids from burbs who buy in to this shit is amusing.....................
12 years ago
Khall you need to look a little harder in your inventions statement...

Black people just patented those inventions. They didn't actually invent them!!! :P Most of those inventions came from Germans, Russians, French, British, White Americans and Italians (look it up) Yes, those same "rats" that gave us the automobile, computers, cell phones, cameras, penicillin, pillows, shoes, guitars, satellites, toilet paper, windows etc...

Here's how it goes: White people invent them, Japanese refine them, Chinese make them, stupid black people steal, deal and kill to buy them.

Even Bill Cosby would agree with that. He hates balck people.
12 years ago
ha, what an creative respond, you sound like a 11 year old! ^.^

yep, you can be very proud of your No.1 export product cocaine, poisoning the whole world with this shit ;)
12 years ago
ahaha that guy posted a list of inventions, that's pretty funny. i don't know man, you guys are all crazy, i try not to concern myself with any of this shit. if a black person calls me a racist slave owner or some shit i'll just be like "uhhh i'm irish my ancestors didn't have shit to do with nothin over here" and yeah i'm pretty sure the word nigger doesn't mean lazy, i think a southern slave owner just got drunk one day and couldn't pronounce the word negro which as basically anyone with common sense knows means black, just a color. so remember before you get offended, or before you try to offend, that it's just the name of a color, it shouldn't be censored, and it shouldn't be used in ways for it to be censored.
12 years ago
viva la shithole
12 years ago
the definiton of invent. look it up. but still, if u know anythin about patents and inventions, u would realize havin the patent rights is waaaaaaaay better. the black men who own patents are smart. instead of sellin the idea and the patent, they get payed lots of money for people who use that patent. like the propeller. imagine how much money that guy makes. but im not tryin to do the same ol black versus white, the main reason i posted tha tlist was to give ppl an idea and some insight into how important blacks are to our history and we thought up/imagined/designed/invented more then just peanut butter.

on another foot, would u rather own the patent of the simple concept of a video game?(which one man owns among dozens of other video game patents) or would u rather be the guy who spends millions just to have permission to use the idea?

thats just common sense.
12 years ago
^ tulip lovig faggots with a disgusting language, we just wanna poison you dutch cunts.
hey bring your mum i stash but a few bags in her tits, some in her ass and plenty in her smelly cunt. shitland not holland you ugly horse faced cunts
12 years ago
holland is full of tulip loving queers. do all you fags cut off your ears?
12 years ago
Also Egyptians (black people) invented calculus. And also black people invented rock music. The first rock band was black I believe.
12 years ago
It's interesting that dutch chopper criticises liberatethis about his country's cocaine problem, (this is assuming that dutch chopper is from the Netherlands) when every single European I have ever known all go to Amsterdam to smoke and take drugs.
12 years ago
Yes, it's common sense to go for the money.

I don't like the white vs. black mantra either. Black people aren't stupid, just the Rappers they idolize are (Not to sound Fred Mertz-ish).

My guess is it's not what race you are that dictates intelligence, it's how you're raised and educated.
12 years ago
ive often wondered if race actually determines intelligence or not. its no secret that whites have accomplished a billion times more than blacks have. if blacks have the ability to be just as intelligent, then why have they pretty much done nothing all these years? is it possible that in africa, they evolved to be more suited to physical things such as running, climbing, and hunting? where as whites evolved more into people that use their brains and create huge sprawling civilizations and technological wonders? why exactly were whites so advanced compared to the blacks when they came upon them? while whites were using guns, the blacks seemingly hadnt changed one bit since the days of cave men and hunting with spears.

are blacks really naturally dumber than whites? i guess its for you to decide.
12 years ago
"Whites allowing Blacks into their Countries"


Whites are TAKING black culture. How many wanna be white thugs do we see everyday. Also, Whites did not make guns, asians did. The resason we never evolved with advance technology is because we never needed to. War is what brought on the need for weapons. We (Blacks) were never at war with anyone. Sure, there were tribal fewds. But they were dealth with in warrior fashions. with honor and hand to hand. Some tribes settled their differences with games and tests of skills rather than fighting.
12 years ago
ha snivvle you dick why is their whites in countries other than europe? didnt you run like wetbacks out of europe to go steal countries from others because they were better off? hotshot if you wanna talk about wonders look at the pyramids the taj mahal, they are real wonders,not the shit you talk about, in those days what was white man doing in europe? i'll tell you what they were doing they were living in mud huts, never bathed and incest was rife, look it up in the history books. look at what europeans were like before they began stealing countries like a virus. the rest of the world was evolved, so they decided to barbaricly steal wealth and knowledge and murder, its in your nature to be blood thirsty and moan about others without knowing who the real thieves are. its you who needs to evolve and stop blaming others for your vile history. DONT FORGET ONE THING, AMERICA BELONGS TO THE NATIVE AMERICANS, YOU DONT LIKE IT FUCK OFF BACK TO THE SHITHOLE YOU CAME FROM!
12 years ago
RyogaVee is right whites only advanced in weapons because europe was in a war with itself, and through war you advance, but thats too much for a pea brain to know.
12 years ago
its so cool that africans still live in mud huts, they arent a bunch of greedy white pricks trying to make money, they get by and their happy i imagine for the most part, if they werent, theyd have their own god damn skycrapers.

and as someone said, black sold blacks into slavery, so yeah...

blacks totally overeact to the word nigger. i mean seriously, i dont think ive ever seen a group of white kids being called crackas run over and beat the shit out of someone for it. and cracker is utterly racist.

your soul is your own, you make the choice to go beatup/kill a racist, its not them calling you a nigger. if anything your a worse human being for taking up violence than the racist who didnt kill you and only put you down and who gives a flying fuck what a faggoty ignorant racist has to say.

liberatethis, africa belongs TO NO ONE, the indians hella had it right.

ps racism will neve die, and everyone just needs to get the sticks out of their asses.

Swastikas and Klan-robes.
Sexist, racist, homophobes.
Aryan-Nations and Hammerskins:
You can wear my nuts on your Nazi chins!
I love a man in uniform!

And just what exactly are the great historical accomplishments of "your" race that make you proud to be white? Capitalism? Slavery? Genocide? Sitcoms? This is your fucking white-history, my friend. So why don't we start making a history worth being proud of and start fighting the real fucking enemy?

12 years ago
"Whites are TAKING black culture. How many wanna be white thugs do we see everyday."

youre talking about confused teenage kids in middle schools. if you honestly believe adult white people act like that, or that the majority of whites act like that, then youre a fool.
12 years ago
not to mention that the whole "gangsta" culture was derived from blacks who idolize REAL gangsters like the mafia after watching movies like scarface and the godfather. so actually, gangster culture is white culture.
12 years ago
Actually, Snivvle was correct with his first post. The Portuguese did start the slave trade, navigating their way down the Western Coast of Africa. When, they docked, they found acivilization, whose technology was still primitive, but their economic intelligence was right alongside them. It was a business transaction; one of the largest, but also one of the smartest (in terms of economic value and profit, if we forget about that fact that they were human beings) Yes, the African chiefs sold their own people into slavery for gold, since gold, along with salt, was a prized resource in that continent. Now, some African Americans (not all) ignorantly parade around saying that white people enslaved black people just because us white people share the same skin tone with the Portuguese. Well, you know what I have to say to that? Fuck you, and fuck your under-developed brain if you are too blind and stupid to see that it was nothing more than a business transaction, that happened to evolve into a nasty series of events from 1860 to the 1960's or 70's. Stop blaming people because of skin color, because if are going to do that, then blame the African chiefs that sold your ancestors into slavery. It isn't our fault, they knew a good deal when they saw one, no matter how barbaric or heartless it was.
12 years ago
you're a shithead snivvle
12 years ago
Wow i dont even have to argue anymore every sentence in here start with some form of anal penetration something you have obviously come to accept from jail time or maybe you just like it with mandigo your man bitch. You have a few wealthy people in the black race at the end of the day and they still work under a white person. So cry about your fucking slavery and and how some retarded white kids are trying to be niggers (i consider them niggers). It is a proven fact that the black race is less intelligent then any other race
So the next time you are allowed to use the computer in jail just remember that your race is slow and un-evolved, and then forget this whole debate and tomorrow cry some more about how you dont get reperations. Oh and fuck tard about the leading technology in ethanol in mexico who do you think is behind that technology?? you actually think mexicans?
wow flipping through the site and everyone is white.
i dont get pwned you fucking piece of shit. and even if it was mexicans my argument is about the blacks whining about how everyone has the advantage and they were slaves blah blah blah. Oh and we are so racist but everytime i see a black movie come out its only black people? Who gives a shit about racism shut your mouth about reperations you lazy stupid cheap shot monkey fucking unevolved junky no good shits. do you want me to post the list of white inventors, and white geniusus, and white rich people, and white famous people. We would own your country if it wasnt so disgusting. My country was occupied by nazis as well and i dont doubt my ancestors were captive and slaves for them too and yet i own my own company blah blah blah by myself and i still have to listen to all you fucking blacks and indians whine about how we took your land and what not.
like it or not whites and asians are at the top of the food chain along with india and you are no where
12 years ago
I love how people claim "nigger" means stupid/lazy.

The etymology of the word "nigger" come from "niger" - meaning BLACK in latin.

It is in direct reference to black people, not stupid or lazy.
12 years ago
I hope when you're accepting a blood transfusion to save you from that massive hole a black person blew out of you with his gun during a hold-up, you'll say thankyou to the brains behind the system, a black person.
12 years ago
i just dont care anymore.
12 years ago
wow when did mucho sucko become the meeting place for the neo nazis?

im an electrical engineering student, my school is one of the top 3 in its field in the nation, and 85% of my teachers, in the ee and mathematics departments are non whites lol, and my best friend who is a comp sci major, happens to be black, and everyone else is usually asking him for help.

most of these racists "facts" or ideas only exist in the head of xenophobic, petrified people. not just white. if you go to japan youll prob have no problem running into snivvles counter part, and he will give you the same argument, but in his case, proving that we white people are monkeys compared to them lol.

life is too short to spend so much energy in hating someone because of the color fo their skin lol we should all be focused on watching girls have a funnel stuck in their rear, and have small fish placed in her colon.

however i will have to see this "INSECT DESTROYER" invented by "Albert C. Richardson"

12 years ago
"if you go to japan youll prob have no problem running into snivvles counter part, and he will give you the same argument, but in his case, proving that we white people are monkeys compared to them lol."

i highly doubt asians believe they are superior to whites in any way.
12 years ago
i got to laugh for a minute guys...seriously......this all started over american idol...the show that has a grown ass man that gets pampered more than kim simmons hosting it!lol im shocked......american idol started a racial arguement. wow.....this is some funny shit!!
12 years ago
"-I'm not a big fan of black people's extensive racism,
but Colombia and Brazil are the forerunners in ethanol fuel, and... they are spanish-indian hispanic and portugese-indian... not white..."

iloseatlife you are a fucking idiot, forerunners in ethanol fuel meaning that, thats where the most ethanol fuel is produced. all that means is that that is where fuel companies can find the cheapest labor you fucking moron, all the spics do for fuel in those countries is work in factories, non of them invented or innovated anything you stupid fucking dipshit, that is all done by white european and american scientists.

and khall you are an even bigger stupidass fucking retard, do you have any idea what a fucking moron you sound like?

"instead of sellin the idea and the patent, they get payed lots of money for people who use that patent. like the propeller. imagine how much money that guy makes. but im not tryin to do the same ol black versus white, the main reason i posted tha tlist was to give ppl an idea and some insight into how important blacks are to our history and we thought up/imagined/designed/invented more then just peanut butter"

can you even see how you just contradicted yourself...." the main reason i posted tha tlist was to give ppl an idea and some insight into how important blacks are to our history"??? how the fuck is patenting sombody elses idea to make money important to history? all those iventions suck anyway, insect destroyer?? jesus fucking christ niggers are stupid.
12 years ago
Unfortunately if you go to China and find out their true opinion of many its that China has and always be the centre of the world and that beyond its borders are the barbarians.
12 years ago
now I get it liberatethis, your mum must suck alot of black columbian cock! and your pussyass father watches while penetrating his columbian mudhole, lol

go fuck yourself with your banana republic joke of a country! the political stability is also a joke, you cant even go shoping in your country if u have a little bit more then nothing cuz then you re in danger of beeing taken by some leftradical marxist terrorgroup hostage for ransom!!
oh yes, Im so jealous, lol:P
12 years ago
It's entertaining how some of you will fight over which race is the better one.
Silly little house apes... perhaps you should do some investigation regarding human DNA first.

You are *ALL* related on a genetic level.

Every name you call the other guy, you are in fact calling yourself and your ancestors.
12 years ago
USA still has slaves they are called Mexican Nationals and OTMs.
Slavery still exists in Africa (thank you Islam).
Slavery always existed in the world and always will so stop blaming the USA.
The black nation needs another Bill Cosby lecture.
12 years ago
dutch chopper there are only three main countries in the E.U and thats germany, france and britain, the rest are the dogs who have no say, if you weree educated then you would realize this. the dutch are complete retards whos main income is prostitution in amsterdam, filty vile fucks. Snivvle more shit eh compare japans population to technology and that will put your retarded population theory to bed., the only reason usa leads in technology because they illegally crush other nations who produce and then run behind you barbaric government to deal with the dirty work. had it not been for the rest of the world, the whites would still be in europe living in mudhuts walking around with clubs. the rest of the world evolved you and now look at you, ungreatful cunts.
12 years ago
^lmao what an amount of bogus bullshit, I see the school system in Columbia isn't that good :P !
You are very funny you know that? I feel sorry for you because obviously you were hoodwinked by your leftradical commie parents as a kid with the typical "anti west" propaganda bullshit! "Its THEIR fault the we live like animals", "THEY crush other nations to utilize them" bla bla bla.....And the truth is EVERY COUNTRY that has a high enough civilisation where people dont kill each others because of smallest reasons CAN become a 1st world country these days!!!!

And your kindergarten insults let you just look even more ridiculous;)

ah whatever, you're starting to bore me out man! now have the final (dumb) word and go fuck yourself!

cYa chicoscum
12 years ago
^--- Interesting that you avoided my post. Or may be you just didn't read it heh.

I was about to point out that war was the reason why many countries in Europe
advanced... but Ryogavee beat me to it... oh well I thought I'd mention again seeing as most people ignored it... lol

Oh btw Kabuki... you do realise that article is disputed as to whether the information is correct and neutral right? And also, intelligence tests are rather ethnocentric.

And why does anyone give a flying fuck what was the colour of the person when they invented something? It is so fucking pointless and retarded.

Personally, I think possibly the most influential invention was probably gunpowder... which was incidently created by the Chinese anyway...not that that matters anyway
12 years ago
I like cheese :)
12 years ago
Is this the part where people begin the pointless argument over what is the more important type of cheese?

@omfg - I like your gunpower comment. If I were to make that call, I would have to say the ability to forge/craft iron.
12 years ago
either way black people make up the majority of the crime , look it up. and they always smell like baby powder cause its quicker and cheaper then taking a shower, smell them if you think its bs.
12 years ago
Why is it that white people never will admit that Chinese/Asian people are statistically smarter?
12 years ago
see, i wish that all black guys were like RyogaVee, and not like the pissed off, calling every white dude a racist, chicke/watermelon eating, rap lovin, hypocritical racist black stereotype that i see all too often.
12 years ago
Anyone ever notice that Arnold's last name means "black nigger"?
12 years ago
I like black people and hate lazy, nappy headed, nasty ass niggers.
12 years ago
RyogaVee... nigger nigga? what the fuck is the fucking difference?? there is none you idiot. niggers don't pronounce R's, its that fucking simple, thats why when a nigger says it its nigga and when a white person says it its ngger, andbody who tries to say that they're different words is a stupidass retarded fucking piece of shit douchbag.

that is all.
12 years ago
quantamflux "Also Egyptians (black people) invented calculus. And also black people invented rock music. The first rock band was black I believe."

yes, but the people that invented metal and were the first GOOD rock band were white (Metallica)

and i dont wanna hear how whites just took music from black guys and tweaked it a bit. cuz with metal, nah, not really
12 years ago
The truth on some of your inventions.....

12 years ago
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