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Razbitaje Serca Pacana


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by Jenbirdy

submitted April 8th 2013

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Jesus. What the fuck is this?

(and to think I was going to give Jen the "this isn't mtv.com" lecture too)...
5 years ago
sorry Cap'n :(
5 years ago
Oh, it got my vote of worthiness....
5 years ago
well, thanks... ;)
5 years ago
place is a cockfest..enough with the wang,little more poon
5 years ago
Jen drops another muchoworthy sub on us. Damn this is weird.
5 years ago
Heck, it was even muchoworthy in the tagless, no downloadhelper days. http://muchosucko.com/79064/Rockerjokers--Walle
5 years ago
at least it got featured before you pulled the 'repost' out... :/ too bad people don't wait like that on my posts :P
5 years ago
They like the thrill of the god kill :b But I don't really mind the repost since the old one was a youtube link.
5 years ago
How about adding a Rockerjoker tag?.. You know, the band's name?
5 years ago
5 years ago
My hero <3
5 years ago
Good stuff. Excellently cheoreographed. (sp) however I was disappointed when the girls didn't get naked.
4 years ago
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