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"Ah Shrit!"

you want to fuck on me?


by brownwings

submitted April 8th 2013

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If they saw Rambo theyd really feel up shit creek.
5 years ago
Da fuck does Rambo have to do with this sub?
5 years ago
Rambo > Chuck Norris
5 years ago
Chuck Norris= 70 years old and still could kick your ass
5 years ago
i suppose an old man could kick your ass, but he still sucks as an actor.
5 years ago
naw not me, cause i'm a ruff-n-tumble street tough
5 years ago
but i can certainly see him kicking your ass up one side of the street and then down the other
5 years ago
hey, its your lie, tell it how ya want.
5 years ago
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