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The Awful Forums - Bush gets called out during Q'A in North Carolina

Some guy lashes out at Bush at some speech thingy, check the girl's o expression. lol. thats all i can say though. funny stuff.


by benos21

submitted April 11th 2006

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Would you apologize for being a stupid douche?
12 years ago
Regardless of what the guy said, I am very very surprised that bushed allowed that guy to speak. I remember back during the election you had to take a fucking oath of loyalty to get within 10 miles of a Bush rally. (I wish I were joking).
12 years ago
Uh... ok, some old guy whining at the president...

...Bush responded perfectly... I dont get it?
12 years ago
Well Joey, if you weren't in the stupid douche tent with Snivvle you would know that while Bush has been claiming to have special connections with his God, the fact that his dumbass could respond so well slightly proves his religious connections.
12 years ago
The Republican rebut for the reason why we should be content with Bush - "Well hes doing the best job he can. You think you can do a better job?"

...this is our president people, he should have some credentials that other normal people like myself dont have.
12 years ago
lol, what positive things have occurred during the Bush presidency? I mean seriously, our debt is in the TRILLIONS, we completely dropped the ball with the Hurricanes, we missed the mountain of warnings for 9/11, we missed Osama in Afghanistan we turned Iraq into a battle ground between Sunnis and Shiites. And now we are talking about nuking Iran!

The worst thing that we got from the Clinton administration was a fucking blowjob!
12 years ago
Actualy the national debt hs been in the trillions for a few presidencys, people just didn't seem to care until they had a stupid president to blame it on. Which I don't really get cause we keep saying what a fuck up he is but no one does anything about it, I mean shit there should be even more Oswalds in this crazy future.

And yeah, Bush better than Clinton? Are you retarded? Just cause the republicans planted some fat bitch for him to fuck and then tell on him doesn't make him a bad president. He was alot better than Bush Sr. and a fuckload better than Dubya dumbass.
12 years ago
Wow, that yuppie asshole is complaining about phone taps? WTF, are you making three collect calls to Iran every week? STFU and drink your starbucks
12 years ago
I think you've made two posts too many there Rand al Thor. I remember during a Bush rally a least five protesters got in and started making a scene, and that was just near my section. What positive things have come from the Bush presidency? Um, let's see now...lower unemployment, more jobs, better economy, safer country, tax rebates (What, you didn't get one? Yes you did unless you don't pay taxes.) Has there been a terrorist attack since 9/11? Fuck no. A little graciousness would be nice.
12 years ago
Shit I lost my post.. Okay, well to make it easier, I agree with Rand Al Thor. And Johnny-Ringo, some if not all of your 'positives' are just incorrect.
12 years ago
I hate Bush but he handeled that pretty well.
12 years ago
10 bucks says that was tiredguy in the video.
12 years ago
"Has there been a terrorist attack since 9/11?" There were no major attacks during the Clinton presidency. Does that mean he did a kick ass job defending our country from terrorists? Fuck no. It means that just because another attack hasn't happened yet, it doesn't mean that one won't happen tomorrow or the day after. Besides they don’t need to come here to blow up Americans they have already killed several thousand young men and women in Iraq. (FYI I am actually against pulling out immediately, doing that would only fuck up the country more than it already is.)

"unemployment, more jobs, better economy"
Ummm well I don't have the exact numbers with me, but remember those 2-3 million jobs we lost around 02-03? The dip in unemployment rates recently has been people recovering from losses that occurred during the Bush presidency. The only businesses that seem to be thriving recently are the motherfucking oil companies the made record profits despite the ridiculous price of gas.

As for the protest thing, I wasn't making up the part about loyalty oaths. I don't know when this rally you went to was, but during the election you were required to swear fidelity and loyality to Bush and the Republican Party. Look it up if you don’t believe me.

And to comment on the video, the guy who talked to Bush was a dumb ass, I agree that some of the shit that Bush has done is bullshit, but he isn't some evil Hitler guy, and I am fucking tired of crazy people who hate the man and not the policies. (That goes for people on both the left and the right)

BTW I apologize for any fuckups in my typing, it’s 3:02 AM PST.
12 years ago
the look on bush's face was awesome when the guy was talking... its like he was thinking "why don't you come say that to my face you fuckin faggot!"

and lmfao @ johnny ringo... "has there been a terrorist attack since 9/11?", that is your argument for how the US is safer????
12 years ago
Didn't the more jobs come after the haemorraghing (too lazy to look spelling up now) of jobs during the downturn i.e. cyclical? Wages still frozen in real terms for decades, yes I know Bush hasn't been around for decades but one of his pledges is to increase prosperity amongst all Americans.

I believe the debt part that is alarming is the twin deficits when Clinton was apparently running a system which ran deficits but also surpluses. He's had no purchase on big domestic economic issues such as how to pay for the huge social blowouts which are imminent.
12 years ago
12 years ago
I don't get all the bush supporters I really Don't. I guess they are all so hopped up on Christ they don't care that the whole country is in the shitter. First of all they all keep saying.. Well there hasn't been another terrorist attack since 9/11. Um that is true.. but you act like there was a different president in office on 9/11. Bush was in office on 9/11. I guess thats the difference between the bush supporters and everyone else. You all got so mad because Clinton got a blow job while he was on duty. Well I'm fucking mad that 2 planes flew into 2 buildings while bush was on duty. I think thats the bigger fuck up. And don't say it would have happened with anyone in office cause thats just bullshit...cause it has never happened before. As for unemployment it has gone down a little... but not because of bush. It is because all the baby boomers are retiring and in the next 5 years the unemployment rate will continue to decrease.. Plus you got Walmart which is #1 employer and they have hired a shitload or people. The economy is getting worse for two reasons 1) lots of outsourcing I read that the companies outsourcing out of the country has been doubling ever year for the past 5 years. 2) the one fucking thing you think bush could FIX...gas. cost 2 some places 3 times what it used to. And gas is used for everything.. everything needs to be shipped and that means gas. So production cost rises.. they item cost more to make.. then they have to sell it for more so they sell less make less lay off employees.. give a pay cut to the ones they keep... Try to stay in business and then when all else fails... Walmart tells them.. well we will only buy this product from you for this much and then you wind up moving your whole fucking company to another country so you can stay in the competitive market... ya economy is doing great! They had to put another fucking # spot on the national debt clock.. cause it couldn't go to 10 trillion. As for the war and us being safer.. Stop watching fox news and learn to read and maybe you will come around.

I guess the difference between us and you red states is. We think about what we should do. You think..What would Jesus do?
12 years ago
The terrorist attack on New York happened about 9 months after George Bush got elected, and I'm going to guess that it was being planned long before that. I dont think George Bush is responsible for 9/11, but I think he dropped the ball after Afghanistan.

Someone said that there were no major attacks while President Clinton was in office. Tell the victims of Oklahoma City that it wasn't a major attack. Tell the victims in Atlanta that too.

As far as terrorism is concerned, there's not a goddamned thing we can do about it if someone wants to fly a plane into a building, or blow up a building. No more than we can prevent any other crime from happening. It's the response that matters.

The economy is your fault and my fault as much as it is anyone elses. The reason companies outsource is because you're not willing to work for as little wages as they can pay elsewhere. You know what, I dont blame them. Gas companies will raise prices and profit margins higher and higher until demand drops. The only person that can help drop demand is the person at the pump. Until you stop using so much gas and try something else for a change, Gas companies will capitalize.

I dont like GW Bush, but I dont think he's really to blame for all of our problems. I think hes a scapegoat for a society that wants a handout, either in the form of money for no work(welfare), or more money for less work(cause of outsourcing).

I blame the people. I blame myself. And I blame you.

12 years ago
bush is one of my least favorite people, but i respect him for letting than man say his piece.

id like to see how quickly that guy's statement would be trampled were he on bill o'reilley.
12 years ago
okay I'll keep this short..cuz those aren't posts they're fucking novels lol. Bush has his faults like all leaders, he's only human. One of the beauties of the US (I'm guessing, I'm from Canada) is that a "normal" person could run for president. So saying that the president has to be godly in stature is really a contradiciton of what America is about, is it not? But I do agree with all those people who are bashing that queer with the questions. Other governments have done worse in better situations (does Stalin ring a bell?) so I think he should sit his gay ass down....what a shit hawk.

oh and There was nothing wrong with Clinton..he was horny and had a 4 o'clock meeting so he got quick head. Any slightly unfaithful, white blooded North American woulda done the same.
12 years ago
The media today tears apart everything, if it was like this throughout history, Their would have been alot more high disapproval ratings. The fact that bush sucks as a speaker is evident, but he is still a good leader. Clinton could have had sex in the oval office lied about it and later talked his way out of it. oh wait he did. He also left bush with a lot of problems to deal with. Everything Bush is Blamed for started b4 clinton took office
12 years ago
One of Clinton's major campaign pledges was to balance the budget, and that was what he did in 1998. And along comes Bush jr and fucks it all up.

Get ya facts straight stupidos.
12 years ago
^As evidenced by the recent reissue of new 30 year bonds by the treasury.

You might see a slight back-peddling in outsourcing as companies have learnt their lessons particularly in service areas. They'll advertise that they have local call centres when they were just outsourced a couple of years ago and brought back now.

It's not out of goodwill, the coordination and agency costs are now so apparent with certain services, after the big blind rush to outsource and the short honeymoon, that they're finding it either cheaper or more effective bringing them back. Indians might still be great writing software but their shitty call centres end up costing the companies customers.

I don't always have my finger on the pulse of new management news so I can't say with any certainty it will definitely happen but as consumers we can only hope.
12 years ago
That guy was a flaming faggot, as I am a member of the Democrats it's sad to see that at least a quarter of my party members are wimps. I was expecting a more strong speaker, but this guy was just mumbling and making opinions rather than factual information backed by evidence.
12 years ago
Hey FlintTown, you said "Everything Bush is Blamed for started b4 clinton took office", no?

Well whilst the rest of your post seems pro Bush, I believe you misworded what you were trying to say, but this is the only intelligent part of what you said.

Who was in office before Clinton? Bush! Who sent America into a war? Bush! Who got a BJ? Clinton! Who sent America into another war? ANOTHER BUSH YOU STUPID DOUCHE.

Hell if I knew the next president was going to be controlled by the last president and try to finish the war he started I'd be sittin back gettin a BJ too cause I know they'd fuck up anything I tried to do later.
12 years ago
"That guy was a flaming faggot"

Very powerful argument. You've cut right through and gotten to the heart of the matter. </sarcasm>

"at least a quarter of my party members are wimps"

Yeah, and unforunately, the same ones are also office holders. Cowardly bastards who have lost all sense of ideology, scared shitless of alienating voters or being called "unpatriotic" by the Rovian Lie Machine.

"this guy was just mumbling and making opinions rather than factual information backed by evidence"

How do you figure? He said, among other things, "I see you assert your right to tap my telephone, to arrest me and hold me without charges..." These things have already been proven to those of us who bother to keep up with the news. The Bush administration has already done these things. Granted, of course, Taylor should have used the phrase "tap my phone without a warrant, even a warrant from the FISA court" rather than simply "tap my phone".


12 years ago
What I hate the most is that this guy isn't complaining about real, serious issues. I realize some people are bothered by the phone tapping thing, but there are much more serious issues that AFFECT INNOCENT PEOPLE'S LIVES that the president should be ashamed for: His appointment of FEMA and the handling of Katrina, the WAR with Iraq, etc. Who cares if he's tapping phones? I have nothing to hide...and although I believe this old yuppies opinion is genuine and important, it isn't nearly as important as other thingswhich actually affect peoples' LIVES.

I'm not Republican or Democrat, but I'll tell you that Bush is aweful and liberals like this guy are such asses. They just look for something to cry about. In a time when there actually is something to complain about, people like this guy, Michael Moore, and others still manage to make up silly issues and make themselves look like the idiots they are; hurting their own cause worse than the Bush administration ever could.
12 years ago
I am surprised at how forgetful people are. There were plenty of terrorist attacks during the Clinton presidency. I personally think that Clinton is the worst president that we have had sense Kennedy, and no, I am not a republican. During Clinton's terms, there was the attack on the USS Cole by al-Qaeda, there was also the Oklahoma City bombing, and several military activities that he participated in that were objectionable by some people. People say that the economy is worst off than it was before, but 1, it is not true, and 2, the President can do little, if anything, to really effect the economy. We are in a FREE MARKET and so if the market is messed up, we are the people that can change it. For example, if Gasoline is too expensive, buy a car that uses less gas, or stop driving so much. The only thing that I think that Pres Bush screwed up was the Katrina issue, and that should not have been up to him to handle anyways, that should have been a local govt issue. Well, this is long enough and no one is going to read it, so I'll stop ranting... I am so scared to see what type of person is going to be in the oval office next...
12 years ago
bush has made the country safer through the invention of the color coded terrorism alert system
12 years ago
logan says it best... Bush is not the best president, but with our choices we had he was the best. (Sorry kerry people, but it sadly, it is true) and if Kerry were elected there would be JUST as much bitching happening to him too. Its the time were in, everyone expects a great leader and there is no one to turn to.
12 years ago
You people are fucking crazy. Seriously. The president can't do anything to affect the economy? You're joking right? Please tell me you're joking.

Pushing for tax cuts, starting wars that will end up costing $1 to 2 trillion, and borrowing more money from foreign countries than ALL FORMER PRESIDENTS COMBINED doesn't affect the economy?

Increasing the deficit by $3 trillion in five years is a sign of a healthy economy? The fact that the statutory debt limit had to be raised under this presidency means nothing? What about when we need to pay it back? Does it matter then? (Or will we default again?) Does the massive federal debt affect long-term interest rates?

Spending the Medicare and Social Security trust funds doesn't matter? Or is it another sign of economic prosperity for all? What--this is news to you? Limbaugh doesn't mention this?

Poverty has increased by around 50% since Bush took office. Another sign of good times?

The fact that around 6,000,000 Americans have lost their health insurance over the last 5 years means everything is copasetic? Oh, let me guess--you're not among the 50,000,000 without health insurance. So, it doesn't matter!
12 years ago

When Nixon wire tapped in the watergate scandal, he was considered a criminal.......noooooooot so much for Bush, huh?

In my opinion Bush should be impeached right fucking now. What has he done but screw practically EVERYTHING up? He hasn't helped lead America in ONE way. Stupid fucking rednecks with the ability to vote...
12 years ago
hey Tiredguy, tell your boyfriend to sit down and shut the fuck up
12 years ago
TGay.........close your eyes...put your .357 in ya mouth 'n click the hammer three times while you affirm that there is no place like home........ and it will all go away.......LOL...... I promise....................
12 years ago
I voted for Turd Sandwich.
12 years ago

Bush himself is a solid argument against Intelligent Design. Talk about irony.

I heard from the Washington Post that if Washington, Oregon and Cali (all blue states) formed their own nation they'd become the sixth larget economy in the world based on their output. Sad that Blue States have to keep the idiot red states afloat and share their debt due to federal obligation.

oh well. que sera sera.
12 years ago
12 years ago
I'm to lazy to read all the post so i hope no1 has said this aready but the way i see it its not all the president before we can go to war it has to go through congress which is made up of republicans, and democrats, who can say hay war is a bad thing for our country right now then they all vote and see what happens so next time you wanna blame something on some1 its not just the president you have to blame congress to and every american who voted for the congressmen and president and to me thats just unamerican if every one wants to make such a difference then get and run for president you self and lets see how bad you fuck it up
12 years ago
Heeeeere we go again, Turd.

While the President CAN do things that impact the economy, this impact has eroded greatly over the past 8-12 years. Need proof? Look at how many times Greenspan had to increase interest rates to cool off the economy. Look at how long it took to have any effect at all!

The American economy, like it or not, is becoming more and more enmeshed with the international community. Phone support in India, cheap labor sources in China, even my fucking coffee comes from some other country!

Point is that while Bush opening his mouth DOES have an impact but not nearly as much as before we were so ingrained with other countries.
12 years ago
Actually, California is the 5th largest economy in the world. We don't need the rest of you.

And I really don't see why any of you dipshits are backing up an administration that obviously doesn't give a FUCK about you.

Are you better off now than you were six years ago? Despite their rhetoric, and a measly $300 check, I'm paying WAY more in taxes and my wages haven't gone up. Most people I know are working longer hours for less pay than they were. My wife is a schoolteacher-don't get me started on how poorly the government treats her. Healthcare premiums have Tripled while coverage has decreased. the list goes on...

Bush currently has a 32% approval rating. 2nd worst EVER!
The only president to top that was Nixon, with 24%, right before he resigned.
So it seems at least some people are pulling their heads out of the sand.

12 years ago
FREE MARKET! < When you look at what is still regulated by government? I don't think so.

Besides a government is in effect a monopoly of force.

Viva anarcho-capitalism!
12 years ago
Thank God the Chinese have enough $$$ to buy up our debt or we'd all be screwed!
12 years ago
I'm just curious, where does everybody get their news from? I'd bet we have some LW/RW trends that stand out pretty well.

As for what I know, Bush is one hell of a lot more leniant now in press conferences and debates since the FISA court bypassing has come out. If we don't have checks and balances for our leaders, they can and they WILL do anything they want to us.

And our outspoken individual here: this is one major reason why the word liberal has become an insult. If everyone thinks that the opposition is crazy, how will they get influence? Hitler and Stalin knew this well. And as for the support of Bush, I know many gun owning ruralites and hardcore Christians who want the guy impeached.
12 years ago
ARE YOU FUCKIN RETARDED? better economy? when clinton left, we had a $2,000,000,000 SURPLUS. the best economy america ever had. after two years with bush in office, we had a $3,000,000,000 DEFICIT.the second worst only after the reat depression. you call that better? do us all a favor and pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow
12 years ago
fuck bush
12 years ago
and fuck snivvle too
12 years ago
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