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southpark vs. monty python

A parody of a classic python short


by holymackerel

submitted April 11th 2006

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ahah that shit's awesome, terry gilliam's the man. time bandits, brazil and the adventures of baron munchousen are all genius.
12 years ago
Geeze, I would have thought this clip had already been posted on this site. It's been around for a long time. Still, it's pretty funny though.
12 years ago
yeah your right my balls itch it is a repost. i first saw this clip on this site. non the less its awsome.
12 years ago
This may be old, but I've never seen it before. That's classic!!
12 years ago
hahah awsome! The origonal Monty Python skit was done in a pet store with a parrot. I'll post it tonight :) it's great.
12 years ago
They pulled it off, amazing.

I remember years ago there was a newspaper article declaring that a recent study found that Americans apparently could not understand British humour as they couldn't understand why the Dead Parrot Sketch would be funny.
12 years ago
i can understand why it would be funny ........... to a 6 year old. i'm sorry but british humor is pure crap. those skits are akin to what i would see on a saturday morning childrens cartoon show.
12 years ago
You'll have to give an example because although the similarities exist now, I'm not sure how many did when Monty Python and its earlier incarnations were first made.
12 years ago
South Park is one of the very few tv shows on today that isint corrupted or overly influenced by some "higher power" or sponsor. Issac Hayes threatend to leave the show because they were doing a Scientology episode..and what did they do? They made it anyway and made 3 episodes that dub his voice in all crappy and they pull it off! Viacom put a stop to the episode being aired on Comedy Central because Tom Cruise (a scientologist) threatend to not promote MI:3. Matt Stone and Trey Parker are true fuckin men and dont take shit from anyone.
12 years ago
what would you know hotshot? british comedy is some of the best in the world.
of course you didn't find it funny... it requires a sense of humour
stone & parker are comedy genius though, this was pretty cool
12 years ago
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