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Orson Welles Crocked and slurring

Oh boy, good job Orson...


by dirtyrottensteve

submitted April 11th 2006

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Now you need the snowpeas commercial and the hour+ blah blah movie on Nostradamus. It is this last one in particular that makes me giggle with glee.

MAKE IT SO, DIRTYROTTENSTEVE! Or I shall sic Ruprick the Monkey Boy. Yes, my friend, he will use the rubber glove.
12 years ago
nice piece of history there. Yay, drunkies!!
12 years ago
"Mmmmmmmmm. These are delicious peas." LMFAO. man i had a good laugh with this one steve. TY for that.
12 years ago
Wow, he was speaking entire sentences consisting of nothing but vowels.
12 years ago
I'm surprised to see the usual dumbasses aren't here like Snivvle or Kabuki.

Anyways, Orson Welles was slurring and stuff on purpose, he hated the script and he almost hated himself doing commercials which was against his own large ego but he needed to eat (and he was one very fat guy) - it's so sad that a great man was reduced to two-bit characters after the 1950s.
12 years ago
Lobster man!
12 years ago
I love the male actor opposite obediently, unfailingly going through the bottle fondle routine with his missus looking on - how can they keep a straight face? - "Perhaps if i fondle it a bit harder he might fucking concentrate!". Orsons 'Transformers The Movie' performance was a little more coherent i believe
12 years ago
why does orson welles have a british accent?
12 years ago
seems like he was testing the product.
12 years ago
hotshot^^ Get a life, get a British accent!
12 years ago
*English accent (generic)
12 years ago
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