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Wrestling Arm Snap

Broken arm during a wrestling match


by bryaninnj1

submitted April 10th 2006

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Isn't it strange that amateur wrestling is real, but professional wrestling is fake?
12 years ago
Yeah, it's almost like porn.
12 years ago
so gay, the clip is hella brokeback.. i mean, brokearm
12 years ago
Why do these vids always stop at the good bit.
In cases like this people should avoid using the zoom feature of their camera - wouldn't be so much wobble then. Get in good and close instead
12 years ago
hahah just like breaking a bread stick! That skinny guy got knocked the FUCK down! Oh and as for the camera man, he was probally some japanese tourist getting a good wank from that, he finishes really fast - naturally - because he's Oriental. hahah
12 years ago
Wow, I dont think hes ready to fight again. The guy in black seemed much better/stronger/talented , stupid fucks.
12 years ago
Walk it off...walk it off...
12 years ago
It's BJJ and they both suck and that dude in the black should get kicked out for crankin locks like that. I would go to another gym if I were that black shirt guy cause everyone in that gym is gonna hyperextend every lock they get on him and tweak his joints.
12 years ago
lmao @ IDrinkAnalFluid trying to sound like he knows a lick about BJJ. Actually, the back story behind this is that the guy in black (who doesn't suck) is a BJJ black belt with 11 years experience, and this is an open mat competition. His opponent in this competition was a guy with like 5 months experience in Shooto. It was found out later that the guy who had his arm broken had a weird problem with his bones, and the break was not a result of the lock that the guy in black applied. His bone broke at a spot that would not be affected by the lock that was applied. So no, analfluid, they will not "tweak his joints." Idiot.
12 years ago
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