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Bush and Stallone Fuck the world

Bush and sylvestre Stallone Fuck the world On Canal+ (a french television) their is a show called 'les guignols' and it is a mix of the daily show and the muppets Very funny Enjoy PS: they laugh with everyone especially with the french politicians


by airwolfbe

submitted April 10th 2006

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Sorry, but I couldn't get past the first 10 seconds of it lol.
12 years ago
Dumbass frenchies, they make the puppets have big fucking noses so french people can relate better.
12 years ago
Didn't bother watching it for two reasons: one, it's done by frenchified Frenchies; two, it looks like a ripoff of Spitting Image.

It's the latter that bothers me most. Frenchy version of a British classic? I hope they all get violated by rampaging muslim youths.

The two yutes.
The two what?
The two yutes.
Pardon me?
Yoooooouths, the two yoooooooouths.
12 years ago
Fuck the French.
12 years ago
british version of a french classic ?? no no this program has been on for many years, before spitting image came out, spitting image copied this program.
12 years ago
Spittin Image -> 1984
Les Guignols -> 1988

But still,
the retarded Yankee Doodle Dees are indeed fucking the world up.
12 years ago
Agreed - Fuck the French
12 years ago
Every country had their phase of satire involving rubber puppets with huge noses. Ours came in the mid to late eighties when I was still too young to get the political jokes.
12 years ago
The words of the song aren't even correct english. "...and we don't care about!" Care about WHAT?! I don't understand why they didn't just do it in French.
12 years ago
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