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Monkey + Kitty

Awww how cute.


by yak

submitted April 8th 2006

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all your uploads dont work.. :(
11 years ago
WTF are you talking about bs? Looks like a monkey about to fuck a kitten once the monkey gets rid of the munchies to me.
11 years ago
Poor kitty. Just wants to get away.

On a side note, what kind of freaky porn music was that?
11 years ago
I have that CD.
11 years ago
That cat is thinking "Oh fuck, this is not good, not good".
11 years ago
how long til that cat got its neck broke?
11 years ago
Look how centipede and mouse go along:
11 years ago

It look like that rooster wanted a piece of that kitten.
11 years ago
Very protective of his pussy
11 years ago
I think the monkey wanted a bj
11 years ago
^^ sometimes I think it would be fun to go to like, alt.crafts.quilting and just drop in a few out-of-context mucho quotes right in the middle of someone's conversation, just to hear people gasp.
11 years ago
that monkey was man-handling that cat...
11 years ago
Ah, nice weather today... C'MER BITCH!... wonder what the cockerel's bin up to... C'MER BITCH!... nice snack this... BITCH! NOT GONNA TELL YO AGAIN BITCH... dum de dum etc
11 years ago
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