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Cam Tease Mobbing

I started to think "fake" when the stripper pole dropped in.


by yak

submitted April 8th 2006

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I fast forwarded because I was sick of that bitches accent. So I figured if I skipped ahead she'd get naked.

I wound up with a bunch of chicks engaging in a pillowfight.

I'm so jaded right now.
12 years ago
That was actually slightly funny towards the end.
12 years ago
man where the hell were they? Frat House? awwe I wanted the rest of her number, 073 i s what I saw, anybody got the other digit?
12 years ago
The last digit was my middle finger.
12 years ago
people in england probably think that is funny and that is sad
12 years ago
SkunkMonkey...stop listening to aerosmith.
12 years ago
what accent is that, its attractive.
12 years ago
How the hell do you get aerosmith out of that?
12 years ago
SkunkMonkey, scotty was thinking about the song called 'Jaded' but not the meaning of the word.
12 years ago
Oh. I was not aware. I think I actually took offense to listen to Aerosmith.
12 years ago
i think that would have been my heaven. I thought all those girls were hot. I also totally freak out when i hear a brit gals accent.
12 years ago
sweet, spice girls reunion
12 years ago
Very odd but quite funny - I personally think they were European/French attempting a very good English accent
12 years ago
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