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mr. pokey's revenge....


by Jenbirdy

submitted March 24th 2013

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Your mother sews socks that smell.
5 years ago
I love movies with a happy ending.
5 years ago
warms the cockles of my heart
5 years ago
sorry for the phone slip......
5 years ago
That's alright, didn't feel a thing....

* Barret frowns *
5 years ago
He was already going to be taking it up the ass anyway. So what's the big deal?
5 years ago
pokeman!!!!!!!! Great movie! *Jawz88 stands up and applauds*
5 years ago
i beeeettttttteeeeeeerrrrrrrr sseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee wwhhaaaaaaaaaaaattttttssssss beeeeeehhiiiiiiiiiinnddddd meeeeeeeeeee innnnnnnnnn theeeeeeee shooooooooooowwweeeerrrrrrrrrrr OHNOAGHOST
5 years ago
I'd want a girlfriend who didn't look like an ugly boy with tits.
5 years ago
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