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Seran Fetish


We have a couple of these, and to be honest... I'm not sure I understand it still... 18+


by yak

submitted April 7th 2006

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is it in the same vein as bondage or asphyxiating fetishes?
12 years ago
i dont know... being wrapped up in seran wrap looks kinda fun... withour the sex... just in general.... to see if you could get out
12 years ago
I've seen a little of this... yeah, weird. I thought it would be funny if some guy was wrapped up like, died, and they forgot and left him, so he became a dried out mummy. I bet in about 10,000 years, future archeologists would be scratching their heads over this one....
12 years ago
12 years ago
I know those yelps of pleasure, it's the japs again.
12 years ago
12 years ago
BB maybe you could wrap jaws up like that ...........and then shit all over her...............
12 years ago
wtf? i'm very chlostrophobic so that was scare the shit out of me..... why, oh why??
12 years ago
Definitely Japanesey - but were they breathing? or is that all part of it? intriguing. I wonder if my girlfriend might be up for this... she lose some fucking weight sweating like a pig in all that cling film
12 years ago
Those crazy asians. What will they think of next.
12 years ago
Just think what they have to go through to have a smoke afterwards.
12 years ago
it must be part of their bondage fetish. bondeage is a mainstream thread in their porn, they might be trying something new.
12 years ago
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