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Insane children

Give this damn kid a sedative


by EatYourParents

submitted April 6th 2006

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I can't wait to see their reactions when they find the bag of charcoal inside.
12 years ago
snivvle, dont act like you still dont play video games all the time.
12 years ago
And THAT, kiddies, is why I'm childfree. Can't have my sprogs having seizures when I give them presents lol
12 years ago
i chuckled at the slo-mo
i remember the christmas when i got my N64 and Zelda, ocarina of time. Holding both i ran downstairs and tripped. instead of dropping the gifts and grabbing the rail, i held onto them....sprained my ankle, but it was worth it
12 years ago
I wanna take a lightsaber and cut his little consumerist testicles off
12 years ago
lol check this out

12 years ago
That was pretty goddamned funny Smatchy!
12 years ago
Damn! When I was a kid it was all about these rifles and pistols that had spring-loaded shells. You snap the projectile and cartidge together, load it into the chamber, and marvel at the fact that you've taken your best friend's eye out. Damned thing got burgled from me along with my dad's 30-6 and our TV while we were off on vacation.

Bilbo you fuckin burglar!
12 years ago
Those DJ skillz were awesome.
12 years ago
and people wonder why mothers drown their children
12 years ago
smatchy that was awsome, but yeah avatar ocarina of time was the fucking shit. ive actualy seen real ocarinas sell on ebay and shit. cant say i havnt thought about buying one.
12 years ago
Tell me MORE about "The Nintendo Days", Snivvle! Please, for the love of all that is pure and holy, TELL ME MORE!
12 years ago
(Dad walks in)
Little Boy: OH MY GOD!!!! OH MY GOD!!!
(Dad pumps shotgun and fires)
Mother: OH MY GOD!!! OH MY GOD!!!
(Father looks at wife with raised eyebrow, pumps and shoots her)
Father: Thank you...
(15 minutes later)
Father: OH MY GOD!!! (shoots self)

Film that please.
12 years ago
Contra still rules over any video game .... EVER!
12 years ago
I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one with that reaction to N64.
Even now, when I run my N64 emulator, I scream and paw frantically at the screen as I scream "Oh MY GOD, NINTENDO 64!!!". My neighbors have grown accustom to it. I really go shithouse when I put on Cruisin USA!
12 years ago
i can't say much against this video cuz this is how i acted when i got nintendo and teenage mutant ninja turtles 2... that was the shit nigga
12 years ago
i love how quickly the excitement left when he opened the next present...lol
12 years ago
i would give the kid some coffee to calm down
12 years ago
This kid is all over the fucking internet, I'm kind of sick of him already.
12 years ago
The remote controlled car really didn't have the same effect, did it?
12 years ago
I got a brick and some dirt for xmas when I was his age...
12 years ago
i got to live in the basement.
12 years ago
Basement? Pah!
We had to live in a freezing cold corridor...
12 years ago
IUD'S, condoms, the pill. sterilization. Why am I thinking like this?
12 years ago
Wheres Charles Manson when you need him?
12 years ago
Prison? Fuckin retard.
3 years ago
when I was that age we got a hammer, nails, a saw and a pile of lumber. With the addage that " You don't have to milk the cows for the next three days while you build an additon on the house." ...don't remember being that exited about it though
12 years ago
Wow kids dont appreciate anything these days. What a prude little fuck.
11 years ago
I had LITERALLY the exact same reaction.
4 years ago
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