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Sex with a short native woman



by Ogami89

submitted March 18th 2013

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What exactly is a 'woamn'?
5 years ago
woman, my bad, im a bit tipsy
5 years ago
yeah it shows in the squidley-style title
5 years ago
I see no foreplay in this video
5 years ago
Hm, at least she's not bandy-legged and blocky like most midget women.
5 years ago
Fun Fact: A royal decree on April 30, 1492 ordered the suspension of judicial proceedings against criminals that agreed to sail with Christopher Columbus. Even so, only four prisoners took advantage of this offer. The rest took the guillotine as opposed to falling off the flat earth
5 years ago
And now you know...
5 years ago
I've seen this girl before. Shes a Dwarf and I believe shes Brazilian. This is an old video. In addition to being a dwarf shes a native american.
I think shes pretty and if I were 40 years younger I'd love to spend time with her.
5 years ago
So is she brazilian or native american?

You cannot be native to america and from brazil.
5 years ago
Go back to smoking your dope, you fucking moron.
5 years ago
I knew a long time ago that anything squidley says makes sense when you don't think about it
5 years ago
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