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Shotgun Rules = My Directing Debut

This is my first attempt at directing a real music video. I Produced, Directed, Filmed and Edited this for friends of mine, Shotgun Rules, and thought it came out pretty good. If you like them you can find them at; www.shotgunrules.net and if you like the video you can find me at www.ryanizzard.com. Flame On!!! :-)

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by R.I.P_Studio

submitted April 4th 2006

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their music sucks and the video sucks. but its decent for an amateur. good job.
12 years ago
Its not my style of music or music video but its definitely decent for your first attempt. Some of their acting, especially the drummer was a bit akward looking.

I have no doubt though that this could make it as a submission on Rage on Friday night/Saturday morning.
12 years ago
well i didnt like the video or that band....BUT this was pretty good for your first attempt and im sure many people would have done a really shitty job their first time... from here on out the only thing you could get is more experienced and better at editing.... good job
12 years ago
Great job on filming with such a shitty song. I love the film itself, just without their singing. :)
12 years ago
christ, that was generic. the music, the video, everything. snoozefest.
12 years ago
Oh, I don't know, you could send it to FUSE or Headbanger's Ball, it'd fit in real well with everything they got going on now. The emo-to-deathmetal sound might actually catch on...
12 years ago
i believe its called scremo. scream emo, yeah. and i would never consider that categorized as metal, because metal has something emo doesnt, substance. their music has no substance, just like the video :D.

Snivvle, i agree, the vocals soudn the same, and bands do rely on their instruments nowadays. which is sad...cuz...all their instrumental parts sound the same too....

but back to the video, which i found to be more than tolerably bland. all these people are saying you did a good job since it was your first attempt. i however will not. i have a question...HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A MUSIC VIDEO BEFORE??!?! you had an opertunity to incorporate images into the video aside from the band playing live, or an old house. and the old house was only about 2% of the entire video. you could have added more footage of it at least. i mean that was your premises for the video, and you didnt show it for more than a second at a time, and nothign actualy climactic. hated the song. the video was rubbish. if i wanted to see the band perform in a dark room, id go see their show. not watch their video.
12 years ago
hahaha! I noticed the opening noise from soundtrack. Anyways the video was pretty bad ass, but the band sucks. Their high voiced emo vokills have to go. They are deffintly not metal, I have listend to a lot of metal bands in my day and that is not one of them.
12 years ago
ewww I cant stand people who "sing" like that if you actually want to call it singing, I just think it's a poor excuse for not developing a voice
12 years ago
Even when he tried to sing, not scream, it sounded like crap...anyway, nice job with the video shooting and editing, but the song was crap.
12 years ago
Fuck what everyone else is saying about this song/vid. I love that kinda music and those guys have some of the appeal of groups like Spinshank and Killswitch Engage. As for the vid it wasnt bad and definatly great for a 1st timer. Keep up the good work band and director.

P.S. Anyone ripping on that kinda vocals has no fucking idea how hard it can be...very taxing on the throut and very likely the vocalist will be coughing blood for a while untill he gets used to it.

P.P.S I will agree with KaoticDreams on one point..high pitched gotta go. Make me think of Cradle of Filth and how much I wanna kick Danny(lead vocalist) in the balls.

P.P.S.S okay im done now :P
12 years ago
Not too shabby. I liked the house footage especially.
12 years ago
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I agree the video is a little bland, and to be honest with you since it was the first one I was really focusing on the actual process of making the video from start to finish and wanted to stay within a simple comfort zone.

I've got three more video shoots lined up in the coming months and each one has a more elaborate concept/storyline which I hope to be able to pull off now that I'm comfortable with the camera, lighting, software etc.. and am free to be a lot more creative.

And as for the band and music all I can say is "to each his own". Personally I'm into bands like Earth Crisis, Raised Fist, In Flames and Soilwork, but still dig these guys as well.
12 years ago
The music wasn't THAT bad, sounded kind of like a mix between In Flames and My Chemical Romance. They've got potential, and so do you.
12 years ago
Your video was pretty, I would put poison in the bands water...

12 years ago
eww, eww, eww ,eww.... My ears are bleeding!!! This is what happens when you put a Billy Talent cd and a Alexisonfire cd put it in a toilet and then take a shit. You get these guys.
12 years ago
ultraqimp, are you fucking blind? you dont get it do you? you totaly proved me and snivvle right. you say they sound like spinshank, and killswitch engage, but thats the thing. they shouldnt sound like anyone. music is an expreshin of your soul, not an attempt to sound like everyone else. they shouldnt remind you of anyone, they should remind you of them, and stand out. and as for the whoel respecting that type of singing thing, .....no thanx. you say its difficult, yet EVERYONE does it, hell i can do it. you just have to get angry and put emotion in it. but i cant carr ya tune. thats the difference. thats why regular singing is respected and not screaming like an emo faggot. just cuz something is ''taxing'' doesnt mean we should respect it. if i could lick my own ass, and i did it often, and it was ''taxing'' on my back, people wouldnt respect me for it, theyd just call me a wanna be japanese. sorry for the rant, but emo anything pissed me off like jews to hitler.
12 years ago
Lol@Billy Talent and alexis on fire cds in a toilet / they'd call me a wanna be jap

I love death metal vokills, the heavier the better but thats not to say I dont mind normal ones too. But it seems like every emo band has the same style and it just has gotten very dry sounded in that scene lately. An example of a band ( thought they kinda sold out especially the way their acting on their videos) who doesnt sing like the typical emo band is Avenged Sevenfold.

12 years ago
Give me a break with the "expression of your soul" stuff, OK? If you created a band that literally sounded totally unique, and couldn't be compared to any other band, it would have to sound so fucked as to be nothing but pure cacophony.

Every band has at least some similarities to other bands. You add your own style and talent, but that doesn't mean you "shouldn't sound like anyone" else at all. The bands that suck are the ones that sound a great deal like other bands.
12 years ago
WOW, WOW, thats all I can say.

I mean that band sucks some major rotten ASS!!
I quite listening to them the first 20 seconds, yea it took 20 seconds mainly because I had to let go of my ears and find my mouse to click it off.

I fast forwarded it through the vid to see the editing....Great Job I might add.

If only the band would fall off the ends of the earth, or sound better which ever comes first. THEY SUCK!
12 years ago
Here are some tips for your filming.

1) Don't get your fucking shadow holding the camera in the shot. Ever hear about a concept called "lighting"?

2) Stay away from faggot bands.

3) You should be able to get the point of the video across in less than 20 seconds. All I saw was some house shit and some crybabies. I didn't know what the fuck.
12 years ago
"To each his own" is completly right. Everyone is so quick to judge any band/artist's music when we can easily say the same about whatever the fuck they "like".

Music is just sound, nothing else. Get off your throne people. People can like whatever they want, and they all have their own reasons. A couple years ago I wouln't have sat still for any band that sreamed/yelled/shouted/growled, and now I do. Grow up kids, your like the people who though Led Zepplin was Heavy Metal and Punk rock a bunch of noise.
12 years ago
the band sucked fat cock but your vid was quite decent. keep it up man!!
12 years ago
That band sucked fat...wait...Has anyone done any better? no? anyone? If I had a video done I wouldnt really care about how you sounded. A demo tape is for that. if you actually put enough effort in the music to continue on and make a video, thats an effort worth giving congrats to. Although I prefer music to this noise. Screamo...aghk. Some of the worst music in music videos get high up in ratings...
12 years ago
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