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That's a damn bloody fetish if I ever saw one.

No, he isn't British.


by Jesse0986

submitted April 3rd 2006

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12 years ago
was he suckin someones tampon ?? if he was that was fukin sick
12 years ago
So...WHAT was he sucking?....The best I could come up with would be an elk penis or something. Oh wait...you said a tampon Ldn R? ..yah..that guys a sick fuck, no wonder he's in the rainforest
12 years ago
That made me laugh..................................
12 years ago
yeah, that's clearly a tampon & yeah it was fucking sick
12 years ago
it was fucking fake to ... so its not sick .. calm down everything's gonna be all right ,no one's sucking on a tampon
12 years ago
AAAWWW DAMN!!!! thats fucked up
12 years ago
I tried one, it tastes like the real thing too, for all of you who cant get some visit your local public bathroom and fishem out, they get stuck in the toilet so it shouln't be too hard.
12 years ago
thats what causes eyes to slit and slant
12 years ago
so cumshot187, you have experience of used fanny mice then, do you? who cares if it's fake? it's a tampon and it "appears" to be "used". that's bad enough for me.

NorsemanWilly - what can i say but "ugh"? just don't give us any more detail please & thank you...
12 years ago
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