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Trapped in a Xerox

A prank putting a person inside a copy machine to jump out at the glass when a person tries to make a copy.


by yak

submitted April 2nd 2006

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lol so sweet. Kind of family hidden t.v. shows :)
12 years ago
pretty good, but they should have had some pervert in a trench coat, in there jacking off...
12 years ago
Hmmm.... Wario wanted to see some pervert jacking off into a trench coat.

Is there a sequel that involves Xerox-girl's raised thumb?
12 years ago
funny! would've been better if the chick was naked and had her ass pressed against the glass but oh well..
12 years ago
funny concept, poor execution. do that in your local office. take the glass out (what good is it in a fake xerox?) and when people open it, jump at them. that'd make people shit a brick. seeing a cute girl? not so scary. notice they edited out any averge guy opening it? probably cause thier reaction was "hey, she's cute. I should photo copy my penis"
12 years ago
OF course it was poor execution pyro...it's from the french tv show Just For Laughs Gags. Usually their pranks are shit, but they DO have some good ideas. Haha too bad they blow at the presentation. I'd have liked to see the blonde chick get in side and stick her rack to the glass - I'd put toner in THAT photocopier all day ;)
12 years ago

Why do I get the feeling this was done somewhere in Europe?
12 years ago
Frankenpengie, I thought the idea of a pervert jacking off in (into) a trench coat was funny, not sexy. Appreciate the twist of words, my friend....
12 years ago
hope she dies from radiation, and id radiate my radiator into her radigina

wow im slitting my wrists.
12 years ago
its not europe its quebec. Just for laughs is done in montreal.
12 years ago
wow....i like it when a bunch of lame stand in actors show up at the mall and pull stunts acting like they are shocked about something and try to get other people to get in on the joke. wait a second..why is this shit on muchosucko....i would have half expected the bitch to jump out and grab the person and shit on them.
12 years ago
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