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Taepoong Martial Arts Mix

Flips, kicks, and a bunch of cool martial arts stunts.


by yak

submitted April 1st 2006

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muchoworthynot muchoworthy
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Martial art? I thought they were break dancing.
12 years ago
In all honesty it didn't need that ridiculous border and post-production flashes to impress.
12 years ago
im not impressed
12 years ago
Yeah, it did look like we were looking at some cheesy Street Fighter Alpha clone videogame cutscenes....
12 years ago
well i thought it was kinda cool...
but were those people really getting kicked in the snout and all that???
12 years ago
contact flashes spoiled it.
12 years ago
That looks like a painful sport..... Cool though.
12 years ago
just tae kwon do demos and some sparring.
not bad.
12 years ago
Don't be so sure those *contact flashes* were post-production. Upon contact, my Chi flash-cracks so big thunder comes from my hands and feet.
12 years ago
That was very well put together. I wont be suprised to see that fighting style in a movie during the next 3-5 years.

---Who wants to take a bet
--Italian Pastries
-I cant feel my legs
12 years ago
dont hate... i liked it. it's something most of us can't do.
12 years ago
Those flashing lights pissed me off
12 years ago
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